hunter gatherer

  • Hunting and Gathering on the Streets of LA

    I joined Pascal Baudar, a self-professed “wild culinary alchemist,” on a foraging tour through one of LA's least forest-like neighborhoods.

  • Hunting in the Hills of Nagaland

    I traveled to the Indian state of Nagaland—the site of one of the longest running insurgencies in Asia—in order to fish, hunt, and share in the forest’s bounty.

  • Hunter and Gatherer: Truffle Hunter

    Alana McGee of Truffle Dog Company shows us that gathering truffles is hard work—but the reward is making truffle ice cream and quiche with your bounty.

  • Why I'm a Closeted Duck Hunter

    I grew up hunting everything from deer and ducks in Louisiana, but it wasn't until I came into contact with one chef who changed the way that I view the sport that has made me a different hunter, a better chef, and leader.

  • Cooking Wild Duck Is a Plucking Matter

    I’ve eaten freshly shot elk heart for breakfast in the Rockies; I’ve removed the scrotum of a German boar without batting an eye. But that was all in the great outdoors. The presence of wild duck innards in my living room is a culinary labor of love I...

  • I Went Duck Hunting with Dutch Aristocrats

    Only two percent of the Dutch population hunts. Americans call hunting a sport, but Dutch hunters will go to great lengths to make sure nobody interprets what they do as pleasurable—even though they love it.