Legalize it

  • My Very Important Wall Street Comic

    You don't think it's weird that a big bag of money has a pair of huge tits growing out of it?

  • Why Is Pot Illegal in Australia?

    As in other places, marijuana users and some former law enforcement officers have called for legalization in Australia, but the country is lagging behind the US when it comes to weed reform.

  • Weediquette: I Baby-Sat a Moron

    Here's a story about a purse-loser I once knew.

  • Weediquette: Working at Home Is Great

    If waking up at 11 and typing in bed until 5 in the afternoon is a recipe for crazy, then I’m completely out of my fucking mind. It’s the only way I can live.

  • The Weed Industry Luncheon

    It didn’t occur to me that New York made any progress on medical marijuana until I attended a cannabis industry luncheon in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago.

  • T. Kid's High School Reunion

    I hadn’t planned on returning to my hometown, but part of me just wanted to burn one with the old crew and gawk at the people from my high school—people whom I would probably never see again, reliving their bleak, suburban glory days.