• Easy Tomato and Eggplant Shakshuka Recipe

    Simmer fresh tomatoes with seasonal vegetables, then finish it with eggs, fresh herbs, and feta, plus warm pita for scooping.

  • Lobster Fra Diavolo Recipe

    The key to this spicy pasta is cooking the lobster shells low and slow in a savory tomato sauce before tossing it with chunks of fresh lobster and spaghetti.

  • Poule Nan Sos (Chicken in Sauce) Recipe

    Chicken is marinated overnight in citrus, chilies, and aromatics, then slowly braised with sweet bell peppers in this comforting Haitian stew.

  • Turkey Feteer Recipe

    A flaky Egyptian pastry filled with a savory, spicy ground turkey mixture and cooked twice for optimum crispiness.

  • Egg, Tomato, and Black Bean Breakfast Burrito Recipe

    A savory mixture of fluffy scrambled eggs and tomatoes, savory black beans, and spicy salsa are wrapped in a chewy homemade flour tortilla in this ultimate vegetarian breakfast burrito recipe.

  • Easy Beef and Pork Ragu Recipe

    Serve this slow-cooked, savory ragu over creamy polenta topped with a bright, herb dressing for the ultimate winter-warmer.