• Ragu alla Bolognese with Nattō Recipe

    Make this Japanese bolognese recipe using Spam, kimchi, and dashi to create complex umami flavor, then finish by tossing with fresh tagliatelle and fermented soybeans.

  • Easy Amatriciana Pasta Recipe

    Crispy cured pork and a simple tomato sauce are tossed with al dente rigatoni in this rustic Italian pasta dish.

  • Fried Ravioli with Vodka Sauce Recipe

    Stuff ravioli with 3 different cheeses and sausage, then fry until crisp and dip in a velvety vodka sauce for the ultimate Italian-American appetizer.

  • Easy Tomato and Eggplant Shakshuka Recipe

    Simmer fresh tomatoes with seasonal vegetables, then finish it with eggs, fresh herbs, and feta, plus warm pita for scooping.

  • Lobster Fra Diavolo Recipe

    The key to this spicy pasta is cooking the lobster shells low and slow in a savory tomato sauce before tossing it with chunks of fresh lobster and spaghetti.

  • Poule Nan Sos (Chicken in Sauce) Recipe

    Chicken is marinated overnight in citrus, chilies, and aromatics, then slowly braised with sweet bell peppers in this comforting Haitian stew.

  • Turkey Feteer Recipe

    A flaky Egyptian pastry filled with a savory, spicy ground turkey mixture and cooked twice for optimum crispiness.

  • Egg, Tomato, and Black Bean Breakfast Burrito Recipe

    A savory mixture of fluffy scrambled eggs and tomatoes, savory black beans, and spicy salsa are wrapped in a chewy homemade flour tortilla in this ultimate vegetarian breakfast burrito recipe.

  • Easy Beef and Pork Ragu Recipe

    Serve this slow-cooked, savory ragu over creamy polenta topped with a bright, herb dressing for the ultimate winter-warmer.

  • Gnudi alla Vodka Recipe

    Cloud-like dumplings of ricotta, gently tossed in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce are the perfect weeknight comfort dinner.

  • Easy Chile Relleno Recipe

    This classic Mexican snack is stuffed with cheese, coated in an egg white batter, and fried.

  • Shrimp and Pesto Sandwich Recipe

    A homemade or store-bought pesto does the heavy-lifting in this light and fresh seafood club-style sandwich.