William S. Burroughs

  • My Life Began with David Bowie

    Let me begin with a rather embarrassing confession: No person has given me greater pleasure throughout my life than David Bowie.

  • Quirky Dickheads Ruined William Burroughs's 100th Birthday Party

    When I heard that something called Guerrilla Zoo was going to recreate a party in the "Interzone" to celebrate Burroughs's birthday, I thought it would be impossible, thanks to legalities and common decency. But I didn't want to write them off without...

  • Photographing San Francisco Punk with Ruby Ray

    Ruby Ray, whose photos were featured in the legendary zine Search and Destroy back in the 1970s, documented the disenfranchised punk world of San Francisco at exactly the right moment. Now, three and a half decades later, her photos are gaining...

  • The Cat Offers Itself

    While William S. Burroughs is increasingly regarded as one of the most important writers of the 20th century, but his artistic genius is often overshadowed by tales of his outlaw lifestyle. Of all the wild stories in Burroughs’s life, the best (and...

  • It's the Fiction Issue 2012!

    And we'll be damned if it isn't one strong literary cocktail.