I Faked My Way as an Instagram Poet, and It Went Bizarrely Well

I decided to find out whether Instagram poetry took real talent, or if the whole thing is a sham, by becoming the worst poet the internet has ever seen.
Andrew Lloyd
5 days ago
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How Alt-Right Memes Are Indoctrinating Gen Z

Neo-fascists are using social media platforms to spread racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism.
Shivam Kumar Chowdhary
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Your Instagram Stories Tell Your Followers More Than You Think

Another onslaught of screenshots from Spotify? We get that you like music. We like music too.
Daisy Jones
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Well, You Might Lose Your Instagram Account If You Post a Selfie With a Sex Toy

'Are You The One?' star Remy Duran appears to have lost his account for posing with a piece of plastic and his newly minted partner from the reality show.
Harron Walker
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Facebook Dating Will Disrupt the Dating App Space (But Not For You)

Unless you have an Instagram crush you’ve been dying to talk to.
John Paul Brammer
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I’m an Actress With Millions of Instagram Followers. Yes, I Still Feel Insecure

It took a lot of courage to say that I’m actually what I’m not on social media. This is the real me.
Isabelle Daza
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Instagram Is Creating a New ‘Safe Space’ for Your Close Friends

And it all sounds a bit dystopian.
Douglas Greenwood
Social Media

Instagram Has Turned Us All Into Stalkers

I asked people who they keep tabs on the most, and why, in an effort to learn more about our weird online habits.
Daisy Jones

What It’s Like Being a Political Graffiti Artist in India, and Getting Away With It

“How many times in your life have you seen your Prime Minister painted on a wall in a funny, satirical manner? Probably never. Maybe nobody has the courage to do it. Maybe nobody thinks it's important enough. But I think otherwise.”
Pallavi Pundir

Your Beauty Habit Is Destroying the Environment

These makeup artists and influencers want the cosmetics industry to start changing before we're buried in tonnes of plastic.
Shayma Bakht

The Instagram Account Archiving the World’s Coolest Sustainable Fashion

Future Dust will help you source your next eco-friendly fit.
Liam Hess
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Instagram Has Changed How Gen Z Think About Happiness

Dopamine, the happiness hormone, is big business for silicone valley. But the highs sold to us on social media are empty and fleeting, which only make us seek more attention on the apps we hate.
Sophie McKay