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The Vaccine That Could Prevent Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

As mental health disorders run rampant, scientists are trying to make an immunization from bacteria that could help.
Shayla Love
2 days ago

This Filipino Man Hasn’t Taken a Shower in Over a Decade

Things we learned today: The fear of bathing is called “ablutophobia.”
Lex Celera
3 days ago
climate change

'Climate Despair' Is Making People Give Up on Life

"It's super painful to be a human being right now at this point in history."
Mike Pearl

Young Indians Are Killing Themselves for Not Being Allowed to Play PUBG

In the most recent case, a 17-year-old died by suicide after his mother scolded him for not paying attention to his studies and took away his phone.
Pallavi Pundir

Plane Crash Investigators Describe the Horrors of Digging Through Wreckage

Going to crash sites, talking to grieving families, and listening to black box recordings takes an emotional toll.
Louise McLoughlin
climate change

If Climate Change Makes You Feel Hopeless, Maybe Religion Can Help

People suffering from climate despair are turning to spiritual leaders. This is the advice they get.
Opheli Garcia Lawler

Gay Man In Myanmar Died By Suicide After Being Bullied By His Homophobic Colleagues

After being forced to publicly announce his sexuality by his colleagues, Kyaw Zin Wins died by suicide. Hundreds have shown up to his funeral in solidarity.
Edoardo Liotta

A Philippine Mental Health Hotline Was on the Brink of Closure Due to Gov’t Pull-out

Luckily, some donors stepped in.
Fruhlein Chrys Econar
mental health

'Fairytale Therapy' Turns the Moral of a Story into Life Guidance

It's meant to blend art and narrative therapy, with a Jungian touch, while using old tales to help you manage your life today.
Sabrina Faramarzi

The Chilling Mystery of High-Altitude Suicides

U.S. counties above 4,000 feet have twice the suicides as counties at 2,000 feet. Is it because there's less oxygen in the air, or is something else going on?
Shayla Love
mental health

The Sort of Parents ‘Generation Anxiety’ Will Grow Up to Be

How mental health intersects with our decision on whether or not to have kids in the future.
Biju Belinky

Why New Research Says It’s OK to Stay Single (and Die Alone)

Sociologist Elyakim Kislev argues that we should embrace being single.
Tiffy Thompson