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Environmental Extremes

We Visited the Mumbai Neighbourhood so Polluted It's Been Declared Unfit for Human Habitation

Mahul poses a dystopian and disturbing picture of what happens when you’re forced to live amidst extreme pollution. It’s a story that can only end in death, unless residents somehow scrape together the resources to leave.
Pallavi Pundir
5 days ago
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1 in 16 Women Report Their First 'Sexual' Experiences Were Rape or Assault

Extrapolated to the whole U.S. population, this would mean 3.3 million women have experienced "forced sexual initiation."
Jesse Hicks

New Study Conclusively Ties “Conversion Therapy” to Suicide Attempts

It's the first major study into the dangerous impact of "gender identity conversion".
Jenna Mahale
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I’m an Actress With Millions of Instagram Followers. Yes, I Still Feel Insecure

It took a lot of courage to say that I’m actually what I’m not on social media. This is the real me.
Isabelle Daza
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A Recent Study Links Air Pollution and Mental Illness

Depression and bipolar disorder were found to be more common in major cities.
Nicole DeMarco

Maybe Social Media Isn’t As Bad for Teens As We Thought

New research found no correlation between screen time and negative effects on mental health.
Erica Euse

Socially Anxious People Are Taking MDMA and Other Psychedelics to Cope

Scientists say that combined with therapy, these drugs could be a promising treatment option.
Shayla Love
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Instagram Has Changed How Gen Z Think About Happiness

Dopamine, the happiness hormone, is big business for silicone valley. But the highs sold to us on social media are empty and fleeting, which only make us seek more attention on the apps we hate.
Sophie McKay

The Exhausting Work of LGBTQ Code-Switching

Queer, trans, and non-binary people have to do the extra work of changing how they speak, act and express themselves in everyday spaces.
Madeleine Holden

We Talked to People in the 11 Percent of Millennials Who 'Always' Feel Lonely

"How can I be this old and not have any friends?"
Allie Conti

The Rise of the Instagram Therapist

With more therapists than ever on social media, we should ask whether they need to follow a new set of guidelines.
Emily Reynolds

25% of Millennials in the US Don’t Have a Single Friend

New research suggests millennials are the loneliest generation.
Roisin Lanigan