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Inside Indonesia’s Islamic Boarding School Fight Club

In the ring, children, senior citizens, and professional fighters go head to head.


Sex Tourism Isn't Just for Straight White Guys Anymore

People vacationing specifically to bone are younger and queerer than ever before—and they're changing what it means to ethically travel while horny.


New Japan Airlines Feature Lets Passengers Avoid Babies

Something for those sensitive to the sound of crying.


This ‘Spaceplane’ Could Get You from Sydney to London in Four Hours

There are plans to start running test flights of the 'hypersonic' jet in the mid-2020s.


Meet the Hot Guy of Mongolian Eagle Hunting

Eagle hunting is the hottest sport in Mongolia, and 26-year-old Jinsbek is Mongolia's hottest eagle hunter.


'Flight Shame' Is the New Travel Trend Making People Quit Flying

The Swedish term "flygskam" translates into making you feel really, really bad about the environmental impact of getting on a plane.


Indonesian Men Go Head-to-Head in Competitive Train-Pulling Tournaments

Railroad workers, porters, and construction workers measure their strength in this colossal showdown.


A Look Inside The Indonesian Village That Hunts Geckos

Thousands of dead, dehydrated geckos in piles is a surreal sight, but it’s one village’s source of livelihood.


Wonderfruit Wants to Build a 'Pop-Up City' Dedicated to Sustainable Living

Thailand's annual festival is trying to create a new model of eco-friendly living.


Instagrammer Threatened With Criminal Charges for Photo of Airline's Ugly Menu

While flying business class on Garuda Indonesia, he was handed a handwritten menu on what looked like a sheet of spiral-bound paper.


Only Seven Families Are Allowed to Live in This 'Cursed' Indonesian Village

Residents of Pitu believe their land is sacred, allowing only their direct descendants to reside there.


A Bali Instagram Hotspot is a Sham

The camera trick used at Lempuyang temple, popularly known as 'Gate of Heaven’, is more common around the world than you may think.