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SIM-Jackers Can Empty Your Bank Account with a Single Phone Call

The mobile phone fraud scam has jumped up in popularity over the past couple of years, and there's very little to stop you from becoming a victim.


How Abusers Are Exploiting Smart Home Devices

Voice-activated assistants, smart TVs and app-controlled locks and light systems promise convenience. They can also enable stalking.


Australian Serial Killer Ivan Milat Believed to be ‘Days Away From His Death Bed’

Milat was transferred from jail to hospital last week following reports that he's been "in agony" with oesophagus and stomach cancer.


I Came to Britain to Run an Illegal Weed Grow House

Albanians are moving into the UK cannabis cultivation business in a big way. One grow house manager tells his story


The Man Who Deleted His Past Before He Was Found Dead

In June of 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann was found washed up on an Irish beach. Ten years later, police, journalists and internet sleuths are still trying to work out what happened.


Thousands of Prisoners Are Stuck in Endless Limbo in British Jails

Long after its abolition, the discredited IPP sentence still means thousands are stuck in prison indefinitely.


In India, Giving a Woman the Middle Finger Can Land You in Jail

In the most recent case, a man is facing jail time of up to three years and a fine after being charged by his sister-in-law. But this is not the first time.


A Chinese Woman Allegedly Helped 500 Mothers Give Birth in the US to Get Their Babies Citizenship

She’s part of the popular “birth tourism” industry.


A Seal Helped Police Pull Off a $1 Billion Drug Bust

A gang of international drug smugglers was thwarted when a disgruntled elephant seal cornered them on the beach, forcing their arrest.


Someone Used the Domino's Pizza App to SWAT a California Home

Victims of these acts have been seriously injured and even killed by police officers who have responded to the phony emergency calls.


Former Bakery Worker Allegedly Stole $90,000 Worth of Wildly Expensive Cakes

Lady M didn't notice that it was missing more than 1,000 cakes until someone revealed that they were being sold on the black market.


Shady Wine Consultant Allegedly Scammed Wealthy Investors out of Millions

Omar Khan met his victims—or his "marks," as the lawsuit calls them—at his International Business & Wine Society events.