Obama's New Documentary Is Great. It Also Reveals Why He's Out of Touch

'American Factory' on Netflix is a solid film, but Obama's message of finding common ground in an uneven labor dispute ignores working people's realities.
Zeeshan Aleem
Mass Shootings

Dayton Shooter Allegedly Killed His Own Sister In Addition to 8 Other Victims

Newly-released surveillance video shows the chaos as the suspect started shooting.
Emma Ockerman

Restaurant Apologizes for Instagram Post Showing Baggie of Fentanyl as 'New Brunch Special'

Yuzu bar in Ohio chalked up the misunderstanding to "a generational gap of humor."
Jelisa Castrodale
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Please Don't Let Your Tiny Dog Blow Away in the Wind

The National Weather Service just issued a "small dog warning" for the Cleveland area, where winds have reached upward of 50 MPH.
Drew Schwartz

These Artists Are Preaching Black Love in One of the Most Segregated Cities in the US

The Blvck Seeds are an unapologetically black collective that are opening minds and hearts in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Kim Reynolds
Bernie Sanders

A Weekend with Bernie

I followed Bernie Sanders as he went to Ohio and explained to crowds how Democrats could win back Trump voters.
Eve Peyser
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A 13-Year-Old Set His Apartment Building on Fire Trying to Kill a Bedbug

Can you really blame him?
River Donaghey

Bernie Sanders's Socialist Revolution Is Happening, Very Slowly

Last week more than a dozen socialists won office around the country after taking inspiration from the 76-year-old Vermont firebrand.
Eve Peyser
Nice Job!

We Asked a ‘Psychic Detective’ Why He Tries to Solve Murders

Troy Griffin claims he’s worked on more than 100 missing persons cases.
Sarah Berman
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Cops Keep Finding Weed Stashed in Brand-New Ford Fusions

In yet another investigation of a fleet from a Ford plant in Mexico, authorities found $1 million worth of weed hidden in new Fusions at a dealership in Ohio.
Drew Schwartz
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Some Guy Asked the Cops to Send a Drug Dog to Find His Missing Heroin

A local cop said it was "the most bizarre" 911 call he's ever heard after 41 years on the job.
Drew Schwartz
In Photos

The Real 'Shawshank' Is So Creepy You'd Crawl Through a River of Shit to Escape It Too

Former inmate Michael Humphrey now gives tours of the place, and man he has stories.
Michael Goldberg