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2 days ago

Draft Coroner’s Report Reveals Pill Testing Will Be Recommended at NSW Music Festivals

The leaked document also recommends the removal of sniffer dogs and a restriction of police powers to conduct strip searches.


Here are Some of the Toxic Chemicals Being Found in Australian Ecstasy

From PMA to NBOMe, we rounded up the most common alternatives to MDMA being used in Australia.


The Rise and Fall of 'Red Mitsubishis': the Pill That Terrified Australia

In the 90s they were the pinga of choice. By the early 2000s they'd become public enemy number one.


We Asked Drug Dealers How They've Been Affected by Festival Deaths

"I'm definitely seeing more caution and questions being asked. Buyers now want to see the product beforehand and know how other people have reacted."


A ‘Drug Overdose’ at Beyond The Valley Was Probably a Snake Bite

It's been revealed that 20-year-old Callum Edwards, who died of a suspected drug overdose last week, had tiger snake venom in his system.


Former Australian Police Commissioner wants to Decriminalise Drugs

Mick Palmer wants to see an Australia where taking recreational drugs is legal—and, more importantly, safe.


Even the ACT Health Minister Wants to Legalise Drug Testing at Festivals

After Canberra's successful pill testing trial, even non-Greens politicians are onboard.


NSW Cops Evicted People Who Didn’t Have Drugs From ‘Above & Beyond’

They threw out anyone targeted by a sniffer dog, even when the dog was wrong.


NSW Police Just Upped Their Insane Drugs War Against Festivalgoers

Anyone targeted by sniffer dogs at Above & Beyond festival will be evicted—even people who don’t have drugs.


Police Had 'Never Seen Anything Like It'—Epic Number Of Drugs Seized at Sydney Festival

Cops at Midnight Mafia Music Festival identified 187 people with drugs, including a 21-year-old with 1,600 caps.


Not Everyone Was Thrilled About Pill Tests at Groovin' the Moo

"We can’t just have the police going around ignoring the law,” said Angry Conservative Broadcaster, Steve Price.


I Got Some Drugs Tested at Groovin the Moo

Australia’s first ever music festival pill testing service had more than 100 people through its doors.