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The Seven Wildest Scandals and Scams of 2018 That Don't Involve Trump

They exist, and they are kind of spectacular.
Matt Taylor
Australia Today

The Primary Suspect in 'the Teacher's Pet,' Chris Dawson, Has Been Arrested

The subject of the true crime podcast is expected to be charged with murdering his former wife.
Gavin Butler
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch the Trailer for Netflix's New True Crime Series 'The Innocent Man'

It looks like an even darker 'Making a Murderer.'
Beckett Mufson
true crime

The Quest to Pin the 90s Murder of a CIA Agent on the KGB

Twenty-five years ago, an American spy in Georgia was killed, supposedly by a drunken villager. Michael Pullara didn't buy that.
Alex Norcia
true crime

The Vatican Just Pulled Off Another Massive Dodge on Sexual Abuse

Sound familiar? This time, lawsuits and investigations are swirling.
Alex Norcia
10 Questions

Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask a Serial Killer Fan Girl

"I’ve only ever dreamed of one person in a romantic way, and that was Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold."
Dani Leever

How a British Town Cleaned Up the Legacy of the 'Suffolk Strangler'

In 2008, Steve Wright was convicted of the murder of five sex workers. Ten years later, we visited Ipswich to see what memories remain.
Francisco Garcia

What We Know About the 'Male Supremacist' Who Shot Up a Florida Yoga Studio

Two people were killed and several more injured by an army vet with a history of violence against women and online rage.
Allie Conti
true crime

Whitey Bulger's Real Life Was Crazier Than the Movies

The infamous Boston gangster and snitch was whacked on Tuesday in prison. His wanton brutality cast a long shadow.
Alex Norcia

LA's Museum of Death Proves We’ve Always Been Obsessed With Crime

There's plenty of gore on display, but it's the history of gore obsession that's more interesting.
Wendy Syfret
true crime

How Men in Prison Reacted to Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation

"The hypocrisy in this country, and in our leaders, is astounding."
Seth Ferranti
Late Capitalism

The Hot New Millennial Trend Is Scamming Amazon for Big Money

"To most people $230,000 is a lot of money, but for Amazon it probably doesn’t do anything to hurt its stock price."
Francisco Alvarado