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EXCLUSIVE: GOP Activists Just Formed a Dark Money Group to Go to War With Big Tech

The Internet Accountability Project is the brainchild of Mike Davis, who led the fight to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Liz Landers
an hour ago

While Apple Is Launching an iPhone, its Largest Competitors Are Going on a Climate Strike

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft workers have all pledged to strike on September 20.
Lauren Kaori Gurley
a day ago

Amazon's 'Undone' Is Everything Streaming TV Should Be

It is weird, singular, and would never exist on any TV network. Thankfully, Amazon took the chance.
River Donaghey
big tech

Congress Is Coming for the Emails of Big Tech Execs

The House antitrust probe just got real, with a big ask for a wide array of the companies' financial data and even communications from top execs.
David Uberti

Amazon Employees Are Walking Out Over the Company's Huge Carbon Footprint

Nearly 1,000 employees have pledged to walk out September 20 to demand the company go to zero emissions by 2030.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

The Amazon Rainforest Was Once a Human Success Story. It Could Be Again

For millennia, Indigenous practices have enhanced the biodiversity, fertility, and carbon-sucking powers of the most biodiverse region on land.
Becky Ferreira

Former Amazon Employees Helped Make a Hotline to Report Unsafe Working Conditions

A new project wants to help Amazon workers report unsafe working conditions.
Edward Ongweso Jr

Amazon Is Looking More and More Like a Nation-State

Amazon is levying taxes on French businesses after France approved a tax on the tech giant.
Edward Ongweso Jr

The Wrong Amazon is Burning

A Google Chrome extension wants to remind you that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Edward Ongweso Jr

Ring Says It’s Partnered With 405 Police Departments, Here’s What We Still Don’t Know

Ring said in a blog post that it’s partnered with 405 law enforcement agencies, after months of refusing to disclose this information to reporters. We still have a lot of questions.
Caroline Haskins
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Brazil Tells the G7 and Its Amazon Fire Fund to Go to Hell

The world is literally on fire, and Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is busy talking smack about Emmanuel Macron's wife.
Tim Hume

The People Paid to Dox Airbnb Addresses

In response to a need to enforce short term rental legislation, an industry of companies has popped up tasked with finding the real addresses of Airbnbs and other properties.
Joseph Cox