crate expectations

crate expectations

Let Waajeed Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Detroit House

We caught up with the legend to learn about some records that tell the tale of Motor City machine music.
David Garber
crate expectations

Learn About the Roots of Colombian Accordion Music with the Help of Quantic’s Globe-Trotting Record Collection

Following the release of 'Curao,' Will Holland invited us into his loft to chat about growing up on Goldie, British jazz, and cultural appropriation.
David Garber
crate expectations

Cassy Doesn't Have a Record Collection—She Has a Toolbox

The selector extraordinaire waxes on her favorite artists, vinyl, and International Women’s Day.
Krystal Rodriguez
crate expectations

Mister Saturday Night's Justin Carter Gets Back to His Choir Singer Roots

Ahead of the release of his debut solo album 'The Leaves Fall,' we take a trip through the famed DJ's record collection.
David Garber
crate expectations

Soul Clap Take a Tour Through the 10,000 Records in Their Childhood Basement

During Thanksgiving weekend, the Brooklyn-based duo return home to Boston to chat about their sophomore album, decades-long DJ career, and friendship.
Jesse Weiss
crate expectations

Roman Flügel's Record Collection Is a Shapeshifting Tour Through the History of House and Techno

Following the release of his stunning new album, the legendary German producer and DJ invited us into his Frankfurt flat for a memorable morning.
Thomas Venker
crate expectations

How Jubilee's Time in Miami's Underage Club Scene Sparked Her Adventurous Productions

From cutting her teeth in "The Magic City" with drum and bass to her early days in NYC, the Mixpak-affiliated producer looks back at the strange sounds that shaped her.
Kat Bein
crate expectations

Mala's Record Collection Reflects the Life and Times of a UK Pioneer

From 80s pop to Roots Manuva: these are the records that made Mala.
Angus Harrison
crate expectations

Ellen Allien Takes Us Through the Songs That Have Soundtracked Her Life

In our first Crate Expectations playlist, hear the first song the DJ loved and the last one she likes to hear before bed.
Emilie Friedlander
crate expectations

Fred P's Record Collection Shows Why He's the Deepest, Most Soulful Man In House

Following the release of his meditative new LP, we traveled to the New York-bred producer's apartment in Berlin for Crate Expectations.
Jon Dunson
crate expectations

Clark Doesn't Like A Lot of Soundtracks, But He Made One Anyway

In the latest installment of Crate Expectations, the Berlin-based producer digs into his favorite cinema gems.
Colin Joyce
crate expectations

Gunnar Haslam's Record Collection Is the Ultimate Guide to His Bruised Techno

The New York producer talks about the strange records that influenced his new L.I.E.S. release.
David Garber