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Doug Ford's Plan to Reduce Student Services Is Working

Optional student fees have hit some Ontario universities harder than others.


Ontario Tourism Minister Called Eugene Melnyk, Senators Owner, a 'Fucking Loser': Reports

The exchange took place at a Rolling Stones show because of course it did.


Ontario Denies Reports of 50 New Weed Store Licences

Premier Doug Ford has only allowed for 25 cannabis stores so far.


Doug Ford’s Budget Is Big on Cuts and Making It Easier to Buy Booze

The Ontario premier made cuts to education, children’s programs, and Indigenous services, but hey, you can start drinking at 9 AM now.


Advocates Warn That Ontario’s Cuts to Overdose Prevention Sites Will Lead to More Deaths

Doug Ford’s government announced on Friday it was scaling back funding for overdose prevention services as opioid deaths continue to skyrocket.


Actually, Cellphones Can be a Good Thing in the Classroom

My high school was paperless. Instead of banning cellphones, why don’t we work to create an engaging classroom environment?


Doug Ford is Banning Cell Phones in Schools

Critics say that a blanket cell phone ban may be impossible to enforce, and also takes away a potentially powerful learning tool.


Everything You Need to Know About Doug Ford’s Political Interference Scandal

Ford’s buddy Ron Taverner has withdrawn his name from consideration to be the province’s next top cop.


Ontario Police Commander Fired After Criticizing Doug Ford Appointment

On Tuesday, the NDP called for a public inquiry into the firing of Brad Blair and the appointment of Ron Taverner as the next OPP commissioner.


Ontario Cannabis Workers Will Be Trained to Spot Stoned People

Is there really a way to spot someone who is too high?


Student Journalists Talk About ‘Existential Threat’ of Doug Ford's Funding Opt-Out

A new survey suggests Ontario schools could see a 57 percent cut to campus papers.


What Ontario’s ‘Crazy Marxist’ Student Associations Actually Cover

Doug Ford has targeted student services for cuts, calling student unions “Marxist.” But what exactly will students be missing if the premier gets his way?