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Trump Never Had Anything to Fear from an Insider Like Robert Mueller

We have effectively written white-collar crime and public corruption out of the US code.


Here are Russian trolls' 10 most viral Facebook posts targeting Americans

Pages like "Back the Badge," "Brown United Front," and "Woke Blacks" distributed Russian troll content designed to stoke resentment.


All 3,519 Facebook ads Russia used to troll the U.S. election

Congress released a huge trove of ads bought by Russian trolls to sew division in America.


Trump's head lawyer in the Russia probe is quitting

“I love this president and wish him very well,” John Dowd told NBC on Thursday.


Cambridge Analytica bragged about using fake news, bribes, and Ukrainian women to influence elections

CEO Alexander Nix said some insane things to an undercover Channel 4 reporter.


The U.S. just sanctioned Russia’s infamous “Troll Factory” and “Putin’s chef”

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned a number of Russian entities and individuals.


Russia likes the U.S. a lot more under Trump, new poll shows

America’s reputation around the world has taken a hit under Trump. But in one country, favorability saw a substantial increase: Russia.


Donald Trump’s highly abnormal presidency: a running guide for June

The president went on an extended Twitter rant declaring nearly all major media outlets "fake" — except Fox News.