Feds Bust One of the Dark Web's Biggest Child Porn Sites Thanks to Tremendously Bad Opsec

The site, "Welcome to Video," hosted 8 terabytes of child porn. More than 337 people have been arrested in 38 countries.


‘Girls Do Porn’ Employees Charged With Sex Trafficking, Potentially Face Life in Prison

The owners and employees of Girls Do Porn are on trial for coercing and lying to women about the way their films would be spread online.


Neo-Nazi Terrorism Is Evolving Online

The far-right is taking another tip from ISIS by using internet savvy and encrypted networks to spread propaganda, recruit new members, and ultimately orchestrate terrorism.


One Violent Crime in the U.S. Keeps Trending Up While Others Drop: Rape

The FBI’s rape rates started rising in 2013, after the agency changed its definition of the act


The FBI Just Arrested a U.S. Army Soldier Who Allegedly Plotted to Bomb a Major News Network

"This is a Middle East style bomb," he allegedly wrote to an undercover agent.


The FBI Tried to Plant a Backdoor in an Encrypted Phone Network

The FBI wanted a backdoor in Phantom Secure, an encrypted phone company that sold to members of the Sinaloa cartel, and which is linked to the alleged leaking of sensitive law enforcement information in Canada.


A Brooklyn Man Has Been Indicted for Allegedly Being an ISIS Sniper and Recruiter

Asainov lived in Brooklyn from 1998 to 2013, and neighbors described him as standoffish but otherwise fine.


Neo-Nazi Arrested After Threatening to Kidnap Woman on Facebook and Saying He Wanted to Kill All Hispanics

“I will stop at nothing until you, your family, your friends, your entire WORTHLESS LATIN RACE IS RACIALLY EXTERMINATED,” he allegedly wrote on Facebook.


Teen Who Snapchatted 'Time to Blow Up the Plane' Before Flying to Guatemala Just Got Arrested

His chats were complete with bomb emojis and smiley faces.


Why The FBI Arrested the Hacker Who Saved the World From WannaCry

He stopped a global ransomware heist, but the feds just wanted to flip him.


FBI Says QAnon, Internet Conspiracy Theorists Are National Security Threats

QAnon and Pizzagate have the attention of the feds.


How Palantir's Spy Tool for Cops Works

On this week’s CYBER, we map out how the secretive Silicon Valley company influences the very technological landscape of the modern world.