2 days ago

23andMe Wants Everyone to Get Used to Sharing Their Genetic Data

It's increasingly complicated to untangle the potential for public health advances from a moralistic marketing scheme.

4 days ago

A Growing Number of Women Allege Doctors Abused Them During Childbirth e

Women are speaking up and raising awareness about obstetric violence, including surgeries, medications, and procedures they didn't consent to.


Tampon ‘Ingredient Lists’ Seem Like Alarmist Garbage

A new law in New York requires tampon manufacturers to list ingredients on packaging, but to what end?


Pitch Guidelines for the Vice Life Desk

How to pitch pieces about health, wellness, self-care, sex, relationships, drugs, alcohol, and money.


Of COURSE Having a Dog Helps You Live Longer!!!

In six studies published between 1950 and 2019, dog ownership was associated with a 24 percent risk reduction for death.


Lube Is Not the Enemy

Sometimes a friction-reducing sexual aid is just a friction-reducing sexual aid.


We May Have Reached...Twin Peaks

According to the CDC, twin birth rates are on the decline for the first time in years.


We Don't Really Need to Know 'Why' Women Orgasm

The eagerness to explain the female orgasm from a scientific perspective feels like much ado about nutting.


Venezuela’s Losing Its War on Infectious Diseases

“Before, we exported oil. Now unfortunately we are exporting diseases”


I Gave My Cat a Fitness Tracker – the Results Were Worrying

Data is the new oil and kitty FitBits are a thing.


Most Postal Trucks Don't Have Air Conditioning. That's Bad News for Birth Control

Being exposed to high temperatures can make birth control pills less effective.


No One Knows What Vape Juice Actually Is

Vaping is believed to have caused more than 800 illnesses, regulatory bodies are freaking out, and yet...?