The Evolution of the ‘Messy Woman’

How the pop culture trope changed in the time between ‘Animals’ being published in 2014 and then adapted into a film this year.
Phoebe Hurst
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Glaring At Seagulls Will Make Them Leave Your Food Alone, Experts Say

One New Jersey city has been using trained falcons to scare off these thieving birds—but there's an easier way, researchers claim.
Jelisa Castrodale

A Very Resourceful Woman Scared Off a Cougar by Blasting Metallica

She called the lurking animal a “bad kitty” and played "the noisiest thing on [her] phone."
Josh Terry
Ice Cream

Please Stop Sharing Ice Cream with Your Dog

No matter how much of a good boy they’ve been. It’s really gross.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Penguins Detained by New Zealand Police for Loitering Beneath a Sushi Shop

The penguins were described by authorities as "waddling vagrants."
Gavin Butler
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Rich People in Pakistan Keep Pet Lions and Exotic Animals to Flex Their Fortunes

Over 300 lions can be found in gardens, farmhouses and rooftop cages in Karachi alone.
Shamani Joshi

Animals With Knives, Ranked

'Battle Beasts' IRL.
Peter Slattery
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Scientists Say ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ are an Evolutionary Trait to Make Dogs Cuter

A new study suggests domesticated dogs evolved the ability to make themselves look like babies so humans would pay them more attention.
Gavin Butler
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GREAT NEWS: You Can Now Pay $50 to Hang Out in a Cafe Full of Live Rats

“Cong-RATS, ladies and bRODENTS, all of your dreams will come true,” the Rat Bar’s event page says.
Jelisa Castrodale
Australia Today

Here's a Heartwarming Story of a Miniature Donkey Being Rescued from a Septic Tank

The incident did not affect the small donkey's appetite for carrots.
Gavin Butler
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I Found Out How to Make My Cat an Influencer at the London Cat Expo

I want that Grumpy Cat money – but how do I get there?
Rosie Hewitson
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A Parrot Got Detained for Yelling 'Police' to Warn Its Owners About a Drug Raid

"He must've been trained for this."
River Donaghey