Why More Tibetan Nomads Are Going Vegetarian

Over the last 15 years, a wave of Tibetans has fully embraced vegetarianism, as nomads and previously isolated towns have gotten access to other foods besides yak products.


Why Eating Tonnes of Dumplings Makes for a Lucky Chinese New Year

In Chinese cuisine, dumplings are believed to bring good fortune, as they look like gold ingots. “More is generally better as a rule of thumb,” says London Chinese chef Andrew Wong.


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What’s red, white, and involves feasting on a large fried chicken, brought to you by a jolly, overweight bearded white man? Japanese KFC.


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It is only a matter of time until hwe dup bap gets discovered by young entrepreneurs and becomes the next poke.


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Johnny Lee has dedicated the last six years of his life to perfecting Hainan-style chicken and rice and will stop at nothing until the world knows what constitutes a proper version of it.


This Pho-Stuffed Burrito Is Better than It Sounds

"Everyone assumes that I’m going to serve it with a dipping broth but I just make sure that the beef is so juicy that it releases the pho broth when you bite into it.”


What We Learned About Cooking Corn from KoЯn Fans

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Indonesia's Jet-Black Chickens Are the Dark Side of Poultry

The ayam cemani, a prized breed of Indonesian chicken, is the result of a genetic mutation that produces a completely black bird, from beak to bone. Because of their color and supposed magical properties, they can fetch up to $4,000 each.


The World's Most Aggressively Dutch Restaurant Is in Indonesia

I stumbled upon a Dutch-inspired restaurant chain in Indonesia where servers go by names like "Henk" and wear a uniform that includes clogs.


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Japanese porno god Ken Shimizu’s Curry Shop Shimizu restaurant serves nothing but shit-flavoured curry. We called one of his disciples to find out why and how—but mostly just: what the fuck was he thinking?


There's a Scientific Reason Why Indian Food Is So Delicious

Researchers analysed more than 2,500 recipes to figure out why Indian food is so damn tasty—and it turns out to be very different than the Western approach to creating dishes.