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Stoned Kiwi Breaks Into Zoo, Gets Bashed By Tiny Monkeys

The 23-year-old copped a broken leg, two fractured teeth, a sprained ankle, and multiple bruises.
Gavin Butler
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We Regret to Inform You 7,000 Live Bugs and Spiders Are Missing from a Museum

Along with entire colonies of cockroaches, snakes, and something called a "red spot assassin bug."
Drew Schwartz
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These Lunch Ladies Allegedly Stole $500K from Their School Cafeterias

Cops believe the sisters scammed their schools unnoticed for years.
Drew Schwartz

Everything We Know About Richard Russell, the Man Who Stole and Crashed a Plane

The 29-year-old rambled about "sweet nothings" and doing "barrel rolls" to air traffic control before crashing the plane into an island in Washington.
Drew Schwartz
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A Thief Apologised for Stealing From Woolworths After 43 Years

The guilt gets you in the end.
Wendy Syfret

Watch Thieves Casually Steal $27,000 of Mac Gear from an Apple Store

They just jog around grabbing computers while everyone inside watches.
River Donaghey
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This Footage of an Alleged Thief Falling Through the Ceiling Deserves an Oscar

She wound up in an insane chase with the cops, all because she allegedly tried to buy a can of soda with a stolen credit card.
Beckett Mufson
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Watch This Man Brazenly Steal a Banksy Print

The print was stolen from a Toronto exhibit housing $35-million of Banksy’s “anti-capitalist” art. (lol)
Mack Lamoureux

Soldier Gets DUI After Taking Cops on Insane Chase in Armored Vehicle

Police say the guy was under the influence of drugs when he took the tank-like monstrosity for a 60-mile joyride through Richmond, Virginia.
Drew Schwartz
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This Man Was Prepared to Take a Bullet for His $1,700 Louis Vuitton Bag

"You can pry it out of my cold, dead hands."
Drew Schwartz

Cops Accused of Stealing a Scarface Statue From an Alleged Drug Dealer

‘Say hello to my little friend, Tony Montana.’
Manisha Krishnan
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Bitcoin Heist Suspect Escaped Prison, Then Iceland on Prime Minister's Plane

Apparently, the guards didn’t even realize he was gone until his flight had taken off.
Mack Lamoureux