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Love Valium? Marry It

And then celebrate the end of animal testing in the EU.

by VICE Staff
15 March 2013, 4:30pm

A weekly roundup of anything fashion-related that's made us excited about having bodies that we can dress with clothes.


Wearing rings that represent the "real" you is a fun idea; American baseball players wear team rings with a club logo, couples in Asia wear couple rings, Harvard guys wear those creepy fratnernity rings, and obviously VICE have a team ring. Still, what happens if you love the idea, but the only thing you do are benzodiazepines? Chances are if you spend your days in a Valium haze, there aren't going to be many other hobbies you have the time to be passionate about. Cast of Vices must share your painless pain, because there are now even rings for you, sleepy. Specifically, sterling silver rings in the shape of Valium and Xanax pills. Available at about the same price of 100 Valium tabs, you'll be able to show off your reliance on the drug, and when the tablets run dry the ring will still be there for you. Perfect way to propose to your totally cracked out gf/bf too, am I right?


Hearing fashion journalism veteran Tim Blanks talk candidly about the street style photography phenomenon genuinely does sound riveting to me, but if you're not sold, this (sort of) fashion film also feautures interviews with Susie Style Bubble, Proenza Schouler and Tommy Ton. Discussing the democracy of street style vs. the fashion week peacocking that we all know and loathe, Garage Magazine have compiled a really interesting short film with a whole load of influential contributors. Worth a watch, if only for the vintage Bill  Cunningham footage.


This week the EU finally got around to banning the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. No cosmetics containing any ingredients tested on animals will be available anywhere in the EU as of now, regardless of where in the world the animal testing was carried out. Good news for rabbits everywhere. Previously it was illegal to test on animals in the UK but it was still okay to import cosmetics from countries that wouldn’t think twice about putting lipstick on a cat and mocking it for hours. So uncool.

Luckily it sounds like everyone’s seen sense on that whole terribly immoral and unethical practise. Apart from (possibly) Satanist assholes Cosmetics Europe, who just released a statement saying that “by implementing the ban at this time, the European Union is jeopardising the industry's ability to innovate". Actually we think this is a perfect example of the industry innovating, in case you didn’t know there are plenty of cruelty-free testing methods out there now. Not only has Israel also enforced the ban, but India, Brazil, Korea, Russia and Canada are currently considering it too. I’m not holding my breath for China though.


Once you've watched the KENZO resort 2013 film Electric Jungle, hopefully I won't need to explain to you how to style these KENZO X Vans trainers. But if you're really slow and you still don't get it, let me help. Get a parrot, get a shitload of different coloured leopard print clothes, put them all on together, own it. It's really not that hard. If you can't find a parrot, a snake will do. If you're rubbish at sourcing exotic animals (your Friday night outfit will suffer but NVM) then I guess you can stick to bright coloured drinks instead. Orange Bacardi Breezer, blue WKD, pink Archers, yes yes yes.


Hedi Slimane's already in hot water for banning journalists from shows and generally making the laziest fashion since Kevin Federline discovered skunk. But who could have predicted that in his Kills-soundtracked stupor he'd actually start ripping himself off? Putting the same boring lumberjack shirt down the runway twice? That's a serious no-no, Hedi. Minus ten points for bad form.

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