Nightlife Isn't Dead

The Rise of the Rural Sesh

Airbnb has birthed a new party tradition.
Angus Harrison
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African Countries Are Using Trump's 'Shithole' Comments to Drive Tourism

"We would like to invite you to come to shithole Namibia, one of the best shithole countries out there."
Drew Schwartz

Melbourne Airbnb Hosts Have Allegedly Murdered a Guest

Several guests had already complained of feeling unsafe at the East Brighton property.
Wendy Syfret
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Trump's Childhood Home Is Great, Tremendous, Available for Rent on Airbnb

The rental comes with a cardboard cutout of the president and a creepy placard outside the bedroom where he "was likely conceived."
Drew Schwartz

Travelling as a Person of Colour Is Stressful

Trips are supposed to be relaxing, but I can’t help but be on edge.
Sarah Hagi
The Restless Youth Issue

Wild Rent Hikes Are Leaving Europe’s Cities Totally Unaffordable

Meet the young European activists fighting against the EU's housing crisis.
Caelainn Hogan

This App Is Like Uber but for Unlicensed Therapists

The new app Happy is attempting an on-demand solution to loneliness to become the Uber of emotional support.
Leon Dische Becker
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Airbnb Is Politely Asking Its Hosts Not to Be Racist

The company is trying to keep hosts from discriminating against renters by having users agree to a "community commitment," as well as getting rid of profile photos.
VICE Staff

These New Startups Are Aiming to Fix the Sharing Economy’s Discrimination Problem

Companies like Innclusive are hoping to create a community where users can "travel with respect, dignity, and love, regardless of race, sexual orientation, [or] gender identity."
Kim Tran

When Strangers Run a Brothel in Your House, and Other Traumatising Airbnb Experiences

The sharing economy is a thing of beauty and a thing of horror.
VICE Staff

Judges Ruled a Woman Can Sue the Website She Says Enabled Her Rapists

An anonymous aspiring model says Model Mayhem should have done more to warn her of the predators lurking on the site, and a three-judge panel is allowing her lawsuit to proceed.
Allie Conti

The Sharing Economy Is Not Your Friend

Exploring the claims that Uber and Airbnb dodge laws, avoid taxation, and manipulate data for profit, while claiming to help everyday consumers.
Drew Millard