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Man Says He's Killed 170 Cats to Protect Local Wildlife

He says the best place for a cat in a bush suburb is under his veggie garden.
Zoe Madden-Smith
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Bruno the Incredibly Extra Cat Has Finally Found a Home

He now has a new mum, Instagram account and feather wand toy (since it's the only thing he'll play with).
Drew Schwartz

This Is How Terrible Your Pet Is for the World

Bad news, pet owners.
Tom Usher
Dead Pets

Crushingly Sad Photos of One of America's Oldest Pet Cemeteries

"These pets will be always be here, forever."
Michael Goldberg
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We Have Found Hell on Earth and It Is This Cat House in the Desert

It could be yours for £188,000, or haunt your dreams for free.
Drew Schwartz

'Henry Gets into Shape,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate

Henry, a human-sized cat person, tries to work out with his owner, Olive, after noticing he's put on a few extra pounds.
Benji Nate

Dead Cats and Bare Bums at Bucharest's Main Water Supply

How many nearby animal carcasses is too many, exactly?
Eli Driu
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No, Your Cat Is Not Making You Crazy

A new study found that a common parasite often spread by cats is not to blame for the development of mental health issues.
Anna Langston
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All the Best Stuff You Missed This Week

You're busy, so we've collected our favourite things from across the VICE network over the last seven days and put them all in one place.
VICE Staff

Street Cats Are Our Only Hope

The new documentary 'Kedi' takes you inside the delightful world of stray cats in Istanbul.
Lauren Oyler

When Pets Keep People Leashed to Their Abusers

Research shows pets are a key weapon of control for domestic abusers, and a growing network of shelters welcome not just victims but their beloved animals, too.
Sonja Sharp
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The California Department of Motor Vehicles Thinks I'm a Depraved Pervert

One man's very real struggle to get his not-at-all controversial nickname on his license plate.
Philip A. Holmes