The Murder of the Homeless Woman Found Wrapped in Tape

Angela Millington's killing represents just one of the many under-reported murders of homeless people.
James McMahon
The United Kingdom

London's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Moving to Brexit-land

What happens when the deepest, whitest island in the south meets its new neighbours – the only colony of Haredi Jews outside of London?
Gavin Haynes

How Drug Dealing Gangs Are Taking Over the Countryside

We took a trip to the Essex borough of Thurrock to see how the housing crisis and the "going country" phenomenon is affecting Britain's towns and villages.
Max Daly

The Hacker Training Ground in Suburban Essex

This month, a 24-year-old was jailed after setting up a website where hackers could dummy run their software before launching it for attacks.
Andy Jones
Canvey Island

You've Never Heard of the Most Successful Independence Party in Britain

Nevermind the SNP or Plaid Cymru, there is a radical independence movement growing in Canvey Island and they're threatening a referendum.
Mark Wilding
Noisey News

The Next Blood Orange Album Is About Growing Up Black in England

“If Freetown was delving into my parents from my eyes, this one is me looking at my younger self,” Dev Hynes has said.
Lauren O'Neill
First Dates

I Took Rat Boy on a Date to McDonalds and Felt Like a Teen Again

We ate veggie burgers, fries, coke and ice cream and it was dope.
Daisy Jones

The Enduring Legacy of the 'Pure Garage' Compilation CD

How the iconic series, mixed by DJ EZ, became the mainstream face of a UK genre reaching its pinnacle.
Sam Diss

​VICE INVESTIGATION: The Inside Story of London Drug Dealers 'Going Country'

More and more, city gangs are sending young runners out into the sticks to sell crack and heroin. We spoke to dealers, sex workers and police to get a better understanding of how the whole thing works.
Max Daly
future of food

Why We Should Eat Baked Beans If We Want a Sustainable Food Future

“By replacing some of the animal protein in our diets with vegetable protein from pulses, the world's growing food requirements could be met,” says Nick Saltmarsh of Hodmedod, a pioneering agricultural company that believes British-grown pulses are the...
Gareth May

How an Essex New Town Became a Media Focus for Suspected Hate Crimes

When recent news spread of two separate attacks in Harlow – one fatal – the town found itself at the centre of a media circus framed around race and deprivation.
Nick Chester; Photos: Sam Tahmassebi
BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We Went to the Most Eurosceptic Place in the UK to See How People Are Celebrating

Earlier this year, Romford was declared the country's most pro-Leave town.
Angus Harrison, Photos: Harry Hitchens