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I Joined an Anarchist Commune Expecting To Hate It, But Coming Home Sucked

Somewhere between confronting my fear of shit and planting shrooms on Poole's Land, my cynicism melted.
Manisha Krishnan
VICE Long Reads

A Fateful Hunt for a Buried Stash of the Greatest LSD Ever Made

In the 1970s, a quiet pocket of rural Wales became the psychedelic hub of the world. We went back in search of the chemists, dealers and thousands of hidden blotters.
Joe Zadeh

The Photographer Who Documented the Early Days of LSD-Fuelled Psychedelia

We talked to Lawrence Schiller, whose photographs of the counterculture movement inspired Tom Wolfe, about how the new text offers the "full picture of set and setting".
Patrick Lyons

Love, Bums and Drum Circles: Postcards from a Modern-Day Hippy Paradise

Every year, hippies, anarchists, artists and reincarnations of religious figures come together at the Rainbow Gathering to celebrate love and peace.
Denis Vejas

The Trippy Life of the LSD Manufacturer Who ‘Helped Create the 60s’

Augustus Owsley Stanley III not only created the Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound" and inspired the band's dancing bear iconography, but also crafted the drugs that sparked the "spirit of that era."
Seth Ferranti

Photos from the Demolition of Copenhagen’s Cannabis Supermarket

After a violent shootout on Wednesday night, the residents of Christiania decided to demolish the neighbourhood's drug stands themselves.
Sarah Buthmann

I Left My Taxidermy Workshop to Become a Nudist at 74

"Life's too short and some days are cloudy. We have to enjoy the sunshine. Maybe this little fly will die in the next minute but as long as it's flying, it seizes the day."
Alba Carreres

Photos of Naked Hippies and Stylish Radicals in Milan

The Proletarian Youth Festival in the Parco Lambro attracted feminists, hippies and militant lefties who all loved getting naked.
Dino Fracchia, text by Vincenzo Ligresti
first-person shooter

Photos from Life Off the Grid in a Sustainable Commune

In this week's installment of First-Person Shooter, a member of a sustainable community photographed a dozen or so residents who survive together using only what's readily available on their 40-acre land trust.
Julian Master
new age

Heavy Weekend? This Super Obscure New Age Tape From 1986'll Sort You Out

The Moodtapes series of VHS' are the most creepily calming thing you'll ever see. Maybe.
Josh Baines

This Drug Smuggler and 'Hippie Mafia' Leader Is a Weed Legalisation Movement Veteran

In the 1960s, Richard Stratton distributed thousands of pounds of weed and worked for 'High Times'. His memoir tells his story of straddling the criminal and literary worlds.
Seth Ferranti
deep dives

We Asked a Bunch of Hippies at a Festival In the Costa Rican Jungle About the Key to Happiness

I used a recent visit to Envision—where themes of community, sharing, and positivity towards mother earth reign supreme—to do a little case study in the good life.
David Garber