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The Strange Case of 'Joe Exotic,' the Zookeeper Accused of Attempted Murder

"I am the most dangerous exotic animal owner on this planet right now. And before you bring me down, it is my belief that you will stop breathing."
Drew Schwartz

The Mystery of 'Bible John', Scotland's Zodiac Killer

Fifty years ago, three married women turned up dead after a night at Glasgow's Barrowlands Ballroom. The killer has never been found.
Francisco Garcia
Life Inside

Portrait of an Unrepentant Murderer in Prison

I would never wish it on anyone, but there are just some people you can tell will be back in prison over and over again.
Aaron Ernst

This Author Forecasts a New Wave of Serial Killers in 2035

In ‘Sons of Cain’ investigative historian Peter Vronsky argues war and economic crisis play a role in making murderers.
Mack Lamoureux
Views My Own

My Brothers Have Committed Violent Acts, but They Aren't 'Animals'

I understand better than most why we shouldn't demonise even people who have committed horrible crimes.
Issac J. Bailey
Unfollow Me

Stalking and Abuse Aren't Going Away – It's Time We Protect Victims

Today, Broadly launches Unfollow Me, a new campaign investigating domestic and gendered violence in the UK – and what you can do to protect yourself and advocate for others.
True North Crime

The Sex Scandal Between a Juror and Accused Murderer

Twenty years ago, Gillian Guess went from serving on a jury to appearing in front of one.
Meredyth Cole
star signs

The Astrologers Who Try to Solve Murders Using Birth Charts

Or, what happens when you interest in astrology links up with your true crime obsession.
Nana Baah

Summer Sucks and It's Going to Kill You

Here are all the ways you can die from the worst season.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Life Inside

A Minute by Minute Guide to Surviving a Day in Prison

You could get butchered and the guards wouldn’t know it until they discovered your bloodless corpse lying crumpled on the walkway.
Jerry Metcalf
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Violent Neo-Nazi Group Has Disturbing Plans For Canada

VICE can reveal that Northern Order, once described as a "phantom group", is an Atomwaffen affiliated neo-Nazi cell.
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch

The Baby-Faced Far Right Terrorist Who Planned to Murder an MP

Jack Renshaw recently admitted that he had intended to murder Labour politician Rosie Cooper with a 19-inch machete, to "send the state a message".
Kevin EG Perry