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For one, companies might have to produce both ethnicity and gender pay gaps.
VICE Staff

Open Plan Offices Should Be Banned Immediately

Please, just let me work in peace.
Hannah Ewens
The VICE Guide to Self Improvement

I Tried Sleeping Two Hours a Day to Get More Done

Living on short naps is exhausting, but proponents of polyphasic sleep claim the benefits are huge.
Julian Morgans
Social Media

How Instagram Can Help You Study

The studygram community tells us how Instagram made them love homework.
Celeste Yim
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How to Take Control of the Office Stereo Without Getting Sacked

Nail it, and you are a god. But get it wrong and you'll be treated like you did a shit in the photocopier.
Angus Harrison

Science Says Pizza Can Make You More Productive at Work

A study carried out on workers making computer chips found that pizza and compliments from the boss were the main motivators for increased productivity.
Daisy Meager
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Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Talk About Reducing Your Working Day to Six Hours

Sweden has proven that shorter work days make us happy, healthy and better at our jobs, so why can't we be more like them?
VICE Staff

Why People Think Potheads Are Lazy: A History

How the government and Big Pharma convinced us that stoners were dumbasses, and how marijuana legalization might just change that.
Drew Millard

Questlove and Tom Sachs: "Creativity Is the Enemy"

At the Brooklyn Museum, Questlove and Tom Sachs discussed the point at which creativity begins to harm art.
Mike Steyels
The Up Close and Personal Issue

Digital Assistants and the Cotton Gin

Becoming more productive doesn't necessarily bode well for those actually carrying out the productivity.
Nathan Schneider
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Being Lazy at Work Is Actually Good, Says Study

Even ant colonies have some slackers who do the ant equivalent of scroll through Facebook all day long.
Helen Donahue

Can Horrifying Photos Save Your Eyesight?

Doctors made an app that uses light gore to get you to look away from your screen for once.
Beckett Mufson