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How to Sleep Properly at University

We asked several specialists how to get through uni on a minimal amount of sleep.
Charlotte Simons
university guide 2018

What It's Like Being a Child Genius at University

Bastian Eichenberger was 14 when he enrolled, Vittorio Hösle was 17. They were child prodigies, but looking back, was going to uni at such a young age a good idea?
Baran Datli
university guide 2018

The Robots Are Coming, and They Want Your Job

Experts believe that almost a third of the global workforce will be automated by 2030. But are universities preparing students for the rise of the office machines?
Matt Blake

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Theresa May to meet with new cabinet after Boris's Brexit resignation.
VICE Staff

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Should universities be able to tell parents about their children's struggles?
VICE Staff

Revealed: How Students Take Drugs in 2018

The results of a new study carried about by the NUS and drug charity Release reveals that weed is the most commonly used drug among uni students, and that a fifth use drugs to self-medicate mental health issues.
Max Daly

Inside the Culture of Sexual Abuse at Colleges Across Colombia

A three-month investigation by VICE Colombia revealed glaring patterns in how sexual harassment and assault are addressed at colleges in the country.
Camilo Jiménez Santofimio
Tania Tapia Jáuregui
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EU University Students in Scotland Will Continue to Get Their Courses Paid for

Holyrood will cough up an estimated £300 million to ensure EU students already in university, or starting next year, will get free education.
Biju Belinky

We Went to a Student Masterclass About the Best Way to Hold a Rent Strike

Student housing is in crisis point, so an activist training camp is teaching students how to fight for change.
Oscar Webb
Is University Still Worth It?

How Your University Could Go Bust

The rise of private universities means places of education are no longer too big to fail, with no precautions for students who are caught in the middle.
Rebecca Ratcliffe

According to All These Students, University Isn't Worth It

A new poll found that two-thirds of British students think their degrees are terrible value for money.
Joel Golby

What It Was Like at UCLA When There Was a Shooting on Campus

Tragedy and chaos struck UCLA on Wednesday.
Mike Pearl