A Definitive List of Welsh Legends

As it's St David's Day, here are some under-appreciated icons beyond Dylan Thomas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and that guy who did 'The Snowman' song, according to a bunch of Welsh VICE writers.


'This Is De Facto Decriminalisation' – Welsh Police Chief's Stance On Weed

After experts demanded that Westminster give Wales the power to bring the war on cannabis to a "long overdue" end, PCC Arfon Jones told us he can't regulate weed, but he can decide how to police it.


The Audacious Bank Heist That Was Doomed to Fail

Sixty years ago, three men hatched a plan to tunnel into the vault of a bank containing £2.5 million in steelworkers' wages. Today, their tale mostly lives on in local gossip and myth.


TV Party: 'Barking Mad: The Welsh Dog Spa' on BBC iPlayer

Look, do you want to see a dog being dip dyed purple or what?


The Welsh Language Isn't Dead, But Your Opinion of It Is

As I love to tell people after a few Strongbow Dark Fruits, continued false claims of the Welsh language being "pointless" or "extinct" are just an extension of English teachers and tyrants quite literally beating it out of us in the past.


Where Are All the Young Farmers?

Even in Wales, where 88 percent of the land area is in agricultural use, just 3 percent of farmers are under 35.


Cardiff’s Victorian Shopping Arcades Are a Wonderland of Welsh Cakes and Wine

But since the extension of St. David’s shopping centre in 2009—and the surge in online shopping—footfall to the Welsh capital's historic indoor streets has declined.


Vegan Facebook Group Condemned After Claiming ‘Environmental Pollutants’ Turn People Gay

Pembrokeshire Vegan Organic group equated being gay or transgender to a “sexual development disorder.”


A Food Truck in Cardiff Is Welcoming Refugees to Wales

Badina was forced to flee Albania after losing her family in the war. She arrived in Cardiff with no connections and little employment opportunity—then she found Oasis Cardiff.


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Women in Wales are now allowed to take abortion pill at home.


Welsh Killers Show Almost Ruined by Lack of Toilets, Fans Peeing Everywhere

A Killers concert in Swansea had no toilets for general admission concertgoers, resulting in fans missing large portions of the set to pee on a fence outside the venue.


Wales Is Leading the Way in LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education

It just became one of the first countries in the world to make it compulsory, in a change to the curriculum that will be rolled out in 2022.