Fluida Capture Introspection and Isolation On Their Solemn New Single

The UK duo's "Not Alone" closes out Anjunadeep's 'Explorations 03' EP to bittersweet effect.

Mar 24 2017, 6:06pm

Photo courtesy of the label

Anjunadeep, the deep-leaning sub-label of trance trio Above & Beyond's legendary Anjunabeats imprint, has had its finger on the pulse since its 2005 creation. It's deftly swept up marquee names like Dusky, Lane 8, and Matt Lange early on in their career. Starting last year, the label's Explorations EP series has put fans' eyes and ears on the new artists it's bringing into the fold.

On March 18, Anjunadeep will release Explorations 03, which features the label debuts of Belgium producer Compuphonic, French duo We Need Cracks, Russia's Modd, and UK twosome Fluida. The latter of whom close the record with their latest single, "Not Alone." Using steel drums, the duo craft a sprawling, vocal-focused number that's simultaneously solemn and serene, like a sunrise you watch alone on the beach on a grey, rainy day.

The song's bittersweet nature, as Fluida tell THUMP over email, was intentional. "The track started on a fretless bass, trying to either capture or cure the isolation you can feel sometimes when you're working hard without seeing much reward for your efforts," they explain. "Lyrically, it's about ambition vs. compromise. Whatever your ambition, even if it's something that seems simple, like leading a quiet life, the challenges of daily life can force you to compromise and face stuff you really don't want to. It can make you feel like you don't have any control over your destiny, like you're a slave to your wages or things beyond your control," they add, warning, "If you become focused purely on your personal projects you can end up ignoring life going on around you, retreating into yourself. The message of the track comes from realizing and embracing the fact that life is lived at the point where your ambition and reality meet: What you want and what the world wants from you."

Listen to Fluida's "Not Alone" below ahead of Anjunadeep's Explorations 03 release on March 28.

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