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Don't Quit Your Day Job: A Comprehensive List of DJs with Second Jobs

The second lives of Jessie Andrews, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin and more.
July 2, 2014, 6:30pm
Seth Troxler making ribs.

Social media biographies have more slashed credentials than Rob Ford. "DJ/Producer/Label Owner/Model/Actress/Singer/Agent/Writer/Risk Taker/Lifeless." The electronic dance music surge has helped to add "DJ" to a list of far too many qualifications of young entrepreneurs. But among the rampant wannabes, there are some who have and are accomplishing things way beyond the fences of the music industry.

So in honor of our generation's desire to perpetually multi-task, here is a collection of DJs who have a second occupation line on their resumes that are real (and don't suck).

Jessie Andrews

Jessie is the one wearing the lovely white piece of fabric.

Jessie has a variety of outlets keeping her hands, um, busy. She catapulted into music after working as one of Spiegler's Girls—the reigning king of the American porn industry—and quickly sank into the hearts and socks of us all. Although her porn work is now strictly girl-on-girl (who's complaining?) she says she still shoots whenever she's in LA. A talented entrepreneur, Jessie also designs her own jewelry for her line called Bagatiba, co-designed a clothing line for a UK company called Hype and dons over-priced spandex as an American Apparel model.

Seth Troxler

Seth serving up BBQ goodness at Smokey Tails. Courtesy: Smokey Tails Facebook

Self-proclaimed fat fuck, Seth Troxler has tackled a whole other kind of mixing: cooking. Last year the techno don opened a pop-up restaurant in England called Smokey Tails. Equipped with a gargantuan wooden arbor that encases the seating and bar, it looks more like something you'd see in a ritzy wine country in East London. As the undefeated champ at the Amsterdam Dance Event's DJ Cook-Off for three consecutive years, the man clearly knows his food. Smokey Tails claims an American BBQ atmosphere and "smoked meats and kick ass cocktails" on their Facebook. Throw in a side of techno and I think I'd set up permanent camp there.

Richie Hawtin

A man and his sake. Courtesy: ENTER.Sake Online

Serious question: Is Richie Hawtin doing anything that ISN'T exclusive, forefront or ostentatious? The Windsor techno legend has turned his affection for Japanese sake into an integral part of his ENTER.Sake club in Ibiza. After two years of scouring Japan for the perfect sake, Richie collaborated with a tiny sake brewery in Kyoto, Japan called SOOKUU in 2012. Complete. Coolness. Overload. Together they worked to brand three exclusive sakes for the club and Richie (who is a professionally trained mixologist), occasionally appears behind the bar to serve them up too—just to top off the whole Ibiza experience, right? Sigh.


The big man in the electronic dance music campus is also a fashion designer. But unlike some of his music, his clothing line CLVB LIFE plays it pretty safe. The line is a collection of t-shirts inspired by the culture of electronic dance music and "the key elements of Tiesto's performances, including light, color and symmetry." The website directs me to an unavailable Shopify page, but hey, it's the thought that counts. If you were hoping to grab one of the designer t-shirts with abstractly placed triangles of neon colors, then you should probably try to find CLVB LIFE on Ebay.

Dada Life

"Yeah man, I've got my own stuff in the works right now," is something the one aspiring DJ in your group of friends has said. If so, on their list of plug-ins is probably Dada Life's Sausage Fattener. Created by the Swedish duo and plug-in developer Tailored Noise, this two knob distorter is said to be the first of many plug-ins they want to create and release under their name. The sound distortion is described as greasier and fatter, similar to the signature dirtiness from Olle and Stefan's tracks. This VST is used by the best of the best, including Tiesto, Kaskade and Laidback Luke. DISCLAIMER: This does not magically make you a superstar DJ.

Flying Lotus

Steven Ellison, or Flying Lotus, has enviable talent in producing multi-genre sounds that have led him to create the signature theme music on the bizarre mature cartoon programming on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. More recently, Steven produced the song for the credits of an Adventure Time episode starring the Glitch King himself, called "A Glitch is a Glitch."


Putting a new spin on "my mind on my money and my money on my mind," is P-Thugg from Chromeo, who is still a practicing accountant. P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) graduated with a business degree from Montreal's College Stanilas and claims that his days as a cashier at his parents deli counter sparked the interest in numbers and profits. Since their music has launched into the big leagues of the dance music community, P-Thugg has limited his accounting work to only running the finances of Chromeo. Although his hard exterior may seem daunting, as an eligible business accountant, I'd like to think anyone with "thug" in their pseudonym knows how to protect their assets.


Did the 2012 Mayan apocalypse happen without anyone noticing? That's Moby's theory. His latest photography exhibit _Innocents _recently finished a stint in an LA gallery, where photographs display a hypothetical "post-apocalyptic" world in Hollywood. Moby has been involved in photography since he was ten years old and this collection is one of many since his first in 2011. He explained in a previous interview with VICE that he wanted his audience to view his photos and "have a conditioned reaction, and if possible even question where that reaction is coming from."

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