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The Creators Project Spotlight - Week 3

Highlighting the most innovative and inspiring creations submitted by our readers.

by Julia Kaganskiy
Jul 30 2010, 3:51pm

The Creators Project is a celebration of creativity and innovation in the digital age. To our mind, one of the best things about technology is that with a little inspiration, it empowers anyone to create by making the tools of production and distribution more accessible. So, each week we put out a call for your creative submissions—your experimental films, software art, animations, music mash-ups—then highlight the best of the best right here on The Creators Project Spotlight. Check out the works below and let us know what you think.

Want to see your work up here? Submit your creations to and check back next Friday to see if you've made the cut.

Sync/Lost by 3bits

Sync/Lost is an impressive interactive timeline of music that maps different musical genres and styles to visually and sonically represent their relationships. Several users can browse the timeline at once, each hearing his or her own soundtrack, with the help of wii remotes. A large format map on the screen displays the various categories and plots constellation-like graphs for each track, helping viewers connect the dots between different musical styles. In effect, it creates an immersive trajectory through the history of electronic music, chronicling various sub-genres of house, techno, ambient, breakbeat, and hip-hop.

REM by Kohwi

This track comes from Kohwi, aka Cory Levinson, an experimental electroacoustic musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was composed almost entirely in code using the sound design program cSound, a new musical feat for Levinson, and a pretty successful one, in our opinion. The music is lush, dream-like, vaguely reminiscent of Brian Eno, and is the kind of sounds we’d like to hear while lounging about on a lazy afternoon in the cool shade somewhere perhaps, as Levinson suggests, “in a heightened state of mind.” [Listen here]

Impossible Coutoure by Molly Crabapple and Najva Sol

This submission comes from Molly Crabapple, a NYC-based illustration artist and mastermind behind the wildy popular Dr. Sketchy’s burlesque drawing event series. For the Impossible Coutoure series, Crabapple teamed up with photographer Najva Sol and digitally drew her signature designs on top of Sol’s nude photographs, cloaking them in flowing locks, mermaid tails and tentacles. The resulting images are quite steamy (but, you know, in a classy sorta way), and we hope we see more collaborations come out of these two.

Want to see your work up here? Submit your creations to and check back next Friday to see if you've made the cut.