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A Brooklyn Cow's Bid for Freedom Has Been Cut Short by the NYPD

It was a glorious journey, though.
October 17, 2017, 4:30pm

Wait, wait, stop what you're doing—there's a cow on the loose right now in Brooklyn.

News choppers are currently following the brown cow as it runs around South Brooklyn, zipping down streets and through Prospect Park. It is currently bolting around a soccer field, where a few kids were playing. According to ABC New York, the NYPD has made it to the scene and is currently trying to wrangle the cow and bring it back to whatever farm or pen it came from, but so far, no luck.

Back in February, a bull successfully slipped free of a Queens slaughterhouse and staged a similar daring escape, but things took a pretty bleak turn when the bull was shot with tranquilizer darts and eventually died on his way to an animal shelter. Hopefully things turn out better for our new cow pal.

There are no details yet on if the cow also escaped from a NYC slaughterhouse or what kind of Homeward Bound–style quest it is currently trying to enact, but so far it has been able to successfully evade the NYPD's best attempts at capture.

Go cow, go. We all sit here, confined to our desks, watching you fight for your freedom through the window of our computer screens. You are us, cow. Fly free, friend.

UPDATE 1:49 PM: The cow (or bull, if you want to get technical) has been captured, Gothamist reports. The NYPD reportedly plans to transport the gentle beast to Animal Care and Control and may eventually bring it to an animal sanctuary. If it really did escape from a slaughterhouse and is now headed to a sanctuary, this whole thing may have a happy ending after all. ABC 7 caught the whole thing on camera, so you can still relive the creature's glorious bid for freedom.

You can still relive the creature's glorious bid for freedom on ABC 7's