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DNA Can Help Return Indigenous Remains to Ancestral Sites

“We propose that our approach can be used now and will be used routinely in the future to return remains to their rightful kin.”
Becky Ferreira
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How Indigenous Millennials Are Using Tech to Save Their Dying Languages

Decades of oppression and forced assimilation have led to the steep decline of Indigenous languages. Now tech-savvy young people are fighting to preserve their culture.
Polina Bachlakova

Indigenous Peoples in Canadian Cities Want Their Own Radio Stations

Radio is a technology that connects people to their culture.
Jordan Pearson

Toronto's Que Rock Is "Completing the Circle" of Teaching Aboriginal Culture

We premiere his new video, "Wounded Knee, Pt. 3" and talk to him about its many messages.
Noisey Canada Staff
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DNA Tests Prove Aboriginal Australians Are the World's Oldest-Living Culture

The genetic study helps show that the ancestors of today's aboriginals came here about 58,000 years ago.
Katherine Gillespie

Indigenous people sue Canada for taking them from their homes as children

The children were taken out of their homes in Canada, largely without the consent of their families or bands, and placed in non-Indigenous care from the 1960s to the 1980s, in a period now known as the Sixties Scoop.
Tamara Khandaker

We spoke to families of Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women

They doubt new funding will tell them anything more about their sisters’ cases.
Hilary Beaumont

Canada is finally confronting why 1,200 Indigenous women have gone missing or been murdered

The government announced on Wednesday the start of a long-awaited inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, who are six times more likely to be murder victims than non-Aboriginal women in Canada.
Hilary Beaumont

This community in Canada doesn’t have clean drinking water after an oil spill

Residents of the Muskoday First Nation have to rely on tanker trucks of water after an oil spill leaked into their drinking water.
Davide Mastracci

Critics say Canada's inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women will be toothless

A national inquiry into the reasons why more than a thousand Indigenous women have disappeared or been killed hasn't yet begun, but it's already causing fraustration.
Hilary Beaumont

Indigenous communities worldwide are fighting to deal with the threat of HIV

Health workers are trying to get Indigenous peoples recognized as key populations in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, putting them alongside other groups considered at high risk of acquiring the infection.
Angela Hill

Canada’s national police force admits it has been racist towards Indigenous people

Decades after taking Indigenous children from their home, against their will, Canada's national police force is admitting that racism is still a problem — but that they want to fix it.
Davide Mastracci