2 days ago

Every Single State Except for Alaska Has Now Reported Vaping Illnesses

That brings the number of cases up to nearly 1,500.

4 days ago

Watch Incredible Footage of Whales Hunting With ‘Nets’ Made of Bubbles

“We’re observing how these animals are manipulating their prey and preparing the prey for capture.”


We Need to Talk About a Planned Retreat from Climate Disaster Zones Now

Communities globally are already engaged in the thorny process of relocating because of climate change. Experts say we need to talk about a managed retreat now, so that it doesn't become a nightmare.


More People Are Falling Through the Arctic's Melting Ice Never to Be Seen Again

Five people in Alaska alone have slipped through the ice this year, spurring hunters to ditch snowmobiles for dog sleds.


Inside the Fight to Save Alaska's 20 Native Languages from Dying Out

Alaskans are racing to collect their elders' knowledge of 20 native languages and design a pedagogy that breaches the generational divide.


Alaska Is on Fire. Bugs Are Making It Worse.

They burrow into spruce trees, killing them and essentially turning them into kindling for fires.


Alaska's Trumpian Governor Just Threatened the Health of the Entire State

Dunleavy, funded by the Koch brothers and the oil industry, just made unprecedented cuts to health, education and climate change initiatives.


It's So Damn Hot Around the World Right Now

A global heat wave is hitting Alaska, Europe, and Asia.


Tons of Dead Seals Are Washing Up In the Arctic and Nobody Knows Why

Dozens of seal carcasses, some showing signs of hair loss, are being reported in northern Alaska.


The Climate Crisis Likely Caused Mass Die-Off of Puffins

As many as 8,800 birds died over the course of a few months in 2016 due to a severe food shortage.


Climate Change Could Expose Tons of Human Poop Left on Alaskan Glacier

Climbers have abandoned roughly 66 tons of feces on Mount Denali, and it’s just waiting to reemerge.