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Dark Illustrations Show an Artist's Battle with Mental Illness

Derek Hess made his name making poster art for Pearl Jam and Gwar. Now he's breaking down the stigma around bipolar disorder through his art.
Ashley Naftule
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Diplo's New 90s Alt-Rock Playlist Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Sounds like teen spirit.
Krystal Rodriguez

How Today's Club Music is Influenced by Alt-Rock and Nu-Metal

A look at the electronic producers drawing inspiration from Evanescence, Korn, Linkin Park, and other oft-maligned groups.
Max Mertens
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VICE Exclusive: Listen to DMA'S New Track, 'Your Low'

For the past few years, DMA'S have bringing the gospel of britpop to millennials—even though the band is Australian.
Charlie Ambler

Kim Gordon Is a Badass Feminist Rock Goddess

The former Sonic Youth cofounder, frontwoman, and bassist on her bestselling new memoir, <i>Girl in a Band,</i> writing songs about Karen Carpenter and the <i>Sports Illustrated</i> Swimsuit Issue, and LL Cool J's surprising favorite rock band.
Elissa Schappell
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And And And's 'Drink for Free' Should Be Number One on Every Bar Jukebox

It&#39;s equal parts Northwest indie rock and desert twang.
Charlie Ambler
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Never Young's New Single 'Like a Version' Is Noise Rock Done Right

Need proof that guitar rock still has some life in it?
Charlie Ambler
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Listen to Furnsss's 'Discover II' and Melt into Your Couch

Furnsss's new single is druggy dream pop that feels tailor-made for being played in a basement at high volume while you burn through a six-pack and a box of whippets.
Charlie Ambler
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Native America's Garage Rock Doesn’t Make You Want to Punch a Stranger

Native America aren't kidding themselves about being edgy or "important." They make garage rock correctly and don't pretend that they're doing something groundbreaking—they're just playing guitar music to dance to.
Charlie Ambler
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Listen Two Inch Astronaut's Seven-Minute Epic, "Dead White Boy"

Maryland-based Two Inch Astronaut has a throwback sound that channels the sludgy math rock of the 90s.Their new track is an angsty opus that features intricate instrumentation and envy-inducing technique.
Charlie Ambler
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Caddywhompus's "Entitled" Will Bum You Out and Lift You Up

Community Records allowed us to premiere Caddywhompus's latest track, "Entitled." Listening to the song is both depressing and invigorating.
Charlie Ambler