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The Guide to Getting Into Pixies, Who Make Rock Music as Perverse as Possible

Here's where to start with one of the most influential bands ever.
Sasha Geffen
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Lil West Is the Delaware Loner Forging Rap’s Strange Future

Holed up in a small town, the 19-year-old rapper and a crew of producers he only knows online are creating a genreless utopia from leftover scraps of trap, emo, EDM, and a whole lot more.
Colin Joyce

Dark Illustrations Show an Artist's Battle with Mental Illness

Derek Hess made his name making poster art for Pearl Jam and Gwar. Now he's breaking down the stigma around bipolar disorder through his art.
Ashley Naftule

Deer Tick Survives, Somehow

After a hiatus nearly broke up the band, Deer Tick’s sixth and seventh albums 'Deer Tick Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' find the Rhode Island roots rockers back and better than ever.
Josh Terry
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Listen to Widowspeak’s Beautiful Piece of Melancholic Yearning

The New York band is set to release their fourth album August 25.
Noisey Staff
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Diplo's New 90s Alt-Rock Playlist Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Sounds like teen spirit.
Krystal Rodriguez

How Today's Club Music is Influenced by Alt-Rock and Nu-Metal

A look at the electronic producers drawing inspiration from Evanescence, Korn, Linkin Park, and other oft-maligned groups.
Max Mertens
Holy Shit

Ryan Adams Announces His LP 'Prisoner' with His Latest Tune "Do You Still Love Me?"

Oof. This will get anyone who's ever loved in the gut.
Eve Barlow

Toronto Rockers Sights + Sounds Are an Alt/Punk Smoothie on New Song "Within My Reach"

That, or a Reese's cup of the two. Take your pick.
Byron Yan
Longreads Or Whatever

Of Course It's Women Who Have Been Revitalizing Toronto's Rock Scene

"There are women who are going to be playing this type of music. Now let’s look at them for more than just that."
Sarah MacDonald

Listen To This 'Great Pile of Nothing,' The Second Release From Dutch Garage Rock Band Mozes And The Firstborn

Over the course of their second release, 'Great Pile of Nothing', the band sing about depression and all those terrifying existential feelings you get when you think about life a little too deeply.
Annalise Domenighini

Redd Kross and Side Eyes Remind Us How Badass the Go-Go's Actually Were

The SoCal punk family affair resurrects Charlotte Caffey's "Don't Talk to Me," premiering today from their forthcoming split 7 inch.
Artemis Thomas-Hansard