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You Can Now Use 'Snapcrap' to Report Piles of Literal Shit on SF's Streets

It works just like Snapchat—only instead of sending bathroom selfies to your friends, you can DM photos of dookie straight to the local government.
Drew Schwartz
Sex-Rated: The VICE Guide to Sex

We Spent a Month Swiping Right on Minder, the Muslim Tinder

One guy's profile read: “Looking for a Khadija in a world of Kardashians.”
Maroosha Muzaffar
Zeyad Masroor Khan
Parthshri Arora
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For MoviePass, Losing Money Was the Plan All Along

On this episode, we discuss the company's controversial business plan, and what it actually does with your data.
VICE Staff

This App Listens to You Bone and Provides Appropriate Music

Bed Beats claims to intuitively sync songs with the increasing rhythm of your thrusts. We tested it out so you don't have to.
Vania Singer
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Well, This Uber Ride Didn't Go as Expected

Lauren Messman
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

The Entrepreneur Helping Students Access College Scholarships with an App

We talk to Christopher Gray, the founder of Scholly, on today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
VICE Staff

'Gentleman,' Today's Comic by Bridget Meyne

Our heroine finds a way to overcome the woes of online dating.
Bridget Meyne
Broadly DK

This App Matches People With Their Ideal 'Face Type'—Whatever That Means

A new app developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) scientists aims to match users by analyzing the faces of their favorite celebrities.
Sophie Wilkinson
Motherboard Homepage

'Raid Alerts' Wants to Warn Undocumented Immigrants With an App

A project that started under Obama gained new life under President Trump.
Patrick Howell O'Neill
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Want Us All to #DeleteUber

The VICELAND duo talk about the recent ride-share controversy.
Sarah Bellman

A University Professor Wants You to Look at Porn for Science

Western University’s Taylor Kohut wants to crowdsource an answer to the eternal question, ‘Is this pornography?’
Lisa Power

Inside Grindr's Quest to Become the First Global Gay Lifestyle Brand

While the company's expansion is exciting, privacy concerns loom large, and many wonder how a service that allows users to filter by race and body type can be trusted to carry out a progressive mission.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage