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This Candidate for Congress Says Her Love For a KKK Grand Wizard Is Totally Not Racist

Nichole Williams posted a photo of herself on Facebook with a patch that reads "Ride with Forrest," a reference to an early leader of the KKK.


Civil War, Ed Henry, and Someone Named 'Joe': Trump's Wild Sunday on Twitter

In one of his 40-odd tweets of the day, he warned of "Civil War-like fracture" if he's impeached, quoting a Southern Baptist preacher with a history of anti-Semitic and anti-Islam remarks.


A KKK Grand Wizard Is Getting a Day in His Honor in Tennessee — for the 98th Year

"I signed the [proclamation] because the law requires that I do that and I haven’t looked at changing that law," said Gov. Bill Lee


Civil War-Era Plant Medicines Could Help Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds

Plant medicines from the Civil War likely saved lives at the time and could help fight stubborn bacteria today, scientists say.


This woman fled Liberia's civil war 20 years ago. Trump's policies could force her to leave the U.S.

Liberian immigrants covered by DED will become undocumented after March 31 when their legal status expires.


Alabama publisher calls for KKK to ride again and "clean up D.C."

He's even suggesting lynching the “socialist-communists.”


Georgia still hasn't managed to rename Runaway Negro Creek

An outsider raised the issue, then the renaming process languished for months, until local media flagged the lack of action


How a Real Class War, Like with Guns, Could Actually Happen

Democrats seem increasingly comfortable with "incivility," while Republicans are more shameless than ever about helping the rich. Where is this going?


Congress opts to keep supporting brutal war in Yemen, but activists say “tide is turning”

Congressional leaders sought to use the Saudi crown prince’s much-touted visit to press the White House and its powerful ally to end the spiraling war.


How Slavery Survived in the South Long After the Civil War

VICE met up with Antoinette Harrell, a genealogist who tracks down cases of slavery and abusive labor practices that lasted into the 1960s.


Inside the brutal war that's ripping apart the Central African Republic

Over half a million Central Africans are internally displaced, and in the last six months, over 60,000 new refugees have fled across the river that divides CAR and the Democratic Republic of Congo.