Kevin Hart's Netflix Special Is Going to Get Him Canceled... Again

In 'Kevin Hart: Irresponsible,' he jokes about his screwups and how hard it is to apologize, giving a world of context for his Oscars debacle.


Actually, Slicing Bagels Like Bread Is Good

As a St. Louis native, I urge you to think twice before jumping on the hate train.


Chick-Fil-A Barred From Opening on NJ College Campus Over Anti-LGBT History

Students initially voted in favor of bringing the chain to campus, but administrators took it out of the running.


NBC Is No Hero for Firing Megyn Kelly

It might have been bad ratings, not the blackface controversy, that got her kicked off the network.


To Fight Racism Within Museums, They Need to Stop Acting Like They're Neutral

The art world is full of the longstanding, racist histories that have affirmed white supremacy.


Are Scallops Actually Vegan?

When it comes to bivalves, the line between plant and animal is unclear.


Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Shop Says It Won't Be Changing Its 'Blasphemous' Name

Some complaints from conservative Christians allege that the shop tops each Commandment-defying cone with a dash of Satanism.


'Red Indian' Ice Cream Flavor Is Not Being Well-Received in 2018

An ice cream parlor in Michigan has been selling cinnamon ice cream under this name for 50 years. But critics now claim the name is racist.


Virgin Atlantic Can't Seem to Win in Controversy Over 'Palestinian Couscous'

The airline faces vitriol both for calling its couscous 'Palestinian' and then for changing the name in efforts to appease customers.


NFL blocked veterans' #PleaseStand Super Bowl ad as a "political statement"

The NFL wanted AMVETS to rephrase it to say, "Please stand for our veterans"


Thousands Sign Petition to Stop Starbucks from Opening in Yosemite

Imagine pondering life's big questions and the vastness of nature between sips of a pumpkin spice latte.