Even AIPAC Is Pissed Israel Is Blocking Tlaib and Omar From Entering the Country

Israel's move to block the only two Muslim women elected to Congress breaks decades of precedent.
Cameron Joseph
3 days ago

Tom Steyer’s Facebook Money Bomb Worked — the Billionaire Is About to Qualify for the Democratic Debates

Steyer has dropped nearly $2.9 million on Facebook ads alone in the last month, according to Facebook’s ad archive.
Cameron Joseph
David Uberti
5 days ago
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Iowa Democrats Are Getting Nervous About Biden’s Trail of Gaffes

The former vice president has put his foot in his mouth a lot lately.
Cameron Joseph

Democrats Have Never Been This Unified On Gun Control. That Could Change Everything.

In 2008 and 2012, Democrats barely talked about guns. In 2016, it was a minor issue. Now it’s at the center of the national discussion.
Cameron Joseph
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“She Should Be Shot”: An Ohio Man Was Just Charged With Threatening AOC

Timothy J. Ireland Jr. was arrested in Toledo for posting a threatening message on Facebook and telling Capitol Police he meant it.
Greg Walters
El Paso

EXCLUSIVE: House Democrats Demand Pelosi Bring Them Back to D.C. to Address White Supremacy

48 members of Congress have signed on to a letter demanding the House of Representatives get back to work in Washington.
Cameron Joseph
El Paso shooting

Trump Stuck El Paso with a $470,000 Bill. Local Lawmakers Don’t Want Him Coming Back.

Local officials aren’t happy about the prospect of another visit from the president in the wake of Saturday’s mass shooting.
Alex Lubben
democratic debate

Tulsi Gabbard Dominated Search on Google a Week After Suing Google for Censorship

The 2020 Democrat has an outsized online following that includes pro-Trump trolls.
David Uberti
democratic debate

Charles Barkley Is in the Democratic Debate Spin Room and He Has Opinions

Charles Barkley isn't sure President Trump's a racist, but he does know "he's got a little anger management problem."
Daniel Newhauser
Elizabeth Landers
democratic debates

Mayor Pete Would Like to Remind Everyone That He Is Quite Young and Bernie Is Not

The youngest candidate in the race took every opportunity during the Democratic debate to remind people that's he's 37 years old.
Trone Dowd

Ten Memorable Moments from a Surprisingly Savage Democratic Debate

Standouts included Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and... Marianne Williamson?
Alex Norcia
democratic debates

Marianne Williamson Busted Out Some Crazy Reparations Math

“If you did the math of the 40 acres and a mule ..."
Morgan Baskin