3 days ago

The Democrats Unfriended and Blocked Silicon Valley Last Night

The Democrats agree: Big Tech is a problem.

3 days ago

Last Night's Debate Proved Elizabeth Warren Is the New Democratic Front-Runner

The attacks clearly rattled the Massachusetts Democrat, but she proved she can take a punch, or two.

4 days ago

Elizabeth Warren Won't Say the Word ‘Taxes’ When She Talks About Medicare for All

She'd rather talk about total "costs" to Americans.


Joe Biden Is Getting Smoked by Bernie and Mayor Pete In Fundraising

The former vice president raised $15.2 million in the third quarter.


Trump Spent His Day Yelling About Impeachment (and Made a Joke About a Jockstrap)

Trump went on a tirade in the Oval Office and held an impromptu press conference.


Pelosi and Schiff Warn White House: Stonewalling Is a Sign of Guilt

Rep. Adam Schiff said any attempt to do so “will be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice.”


Bernie Sanders Cancels Campaign Events After Heart Procedure

The presidential candidate just had two stents inserted after physicians found a blocked artery.


Voter Support for Impeaching Trump Has Gone Way Up Over the Last Week

But voters are still closely divided on the issue.


Congress Left for Recess and Pro-Impeachment Groups Smell Blood

Call it the revenge of the #resistance.


Where Each 2020 Democratic Candidate Stands on Palestine and Israel

This has long been one of few bipartisan issues, but that could change in 2020.


Here's AOC's Massive Plan to Address Poverty in America

2 of the bills in her package would keep the government from denying welfare benefits based on someone's criminal history or their immigration status.


Bill de Blasio Just Lost the Presidential Race to 'Other'

The mayor of New York was polling at 0% in his own city. The choice of "other" was polling at 1%.