How 2 Chainz Found His Very Good Boy, Trappy

The origin story of the rapper's loyal companion.
Sarah Bellman
10 hours ago
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One Man Rescued 64 Dogs and Cats from Hurricane Florence in a School Bus

And he's heading back down to Wilmington, North Carolina, for more.
Nicole Clark
a day ago
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For the Love of God, Please Stop Feeding This Dog

Students in Taiwan have been asked not to feed their school's guard dog, who's now a whopping 110 pounds.
Drew Schwartz

'Eyes, Nose, Nips,' Today's Comic by Seo Kim

Sometimes what you think you're seeing isn't always what it seems.
Seo Kim

'Bye Darla,' Today's Comic by Tara Booth

Tara pays tribute to her beloved dog in this beautiful comic.
Tara Booth
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Of Course Donald Trump Hates Dogs

Need another reason to hate him? Here you go.
Eve Peyser

'Delicious,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

In this prison, execution is a tasty punishment.
Brian Blomerth
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Watch Cops Rescue 60 Shelter Dogs and Cats in a Wildfire's Path

The SPCA facility is still struggling in the aftermath of the blaze.
Nicole Clark

'Snow Coloring,' Today's Comic by Scott Lenhardt

When it gets too snowy outside, the Twenty-Four Hour Woman decides to have a much-needed snow day.
Scott Lenhardt
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Hundreds of Golden Retrievers Met Up to Beat a World Record

Three hundred and sixty one extremely good girls and boys came together at a Scottish Castle to be immortalized in the record books as the largest ever gathering of golden retrievers.
Nicole Clark
Views My Own

Sorry Cops, You Don't Get to Be Funny Online

Even if the "pug mug" is cute.
Alex Norcia

'Sistine Table,' Today's Comic by Scott Lenhardt

After taking a quick dinner break, the Twenty-Four Hour Woman continues creating a masterpiece with the help of her canine friend.
Scott Lenhardt