'Happy Death Day 2U' Is More About Grief Than Horror

Audiences are never around to see what it must be like to renegotiate your reality when everyone you loved has been killed, but Christopher Landon's latest teen horror uses that as a starting point.
George Griffiths
mental health

This Mental Health Podcaster Told Me How to Deal with the Death of My Friend

I spoke to comedian Mike Brown about what it means to be a black man in search of therapy.
Noel Ransome
BFI London Film Festival 2018

Steve McQueen's 'Widows' Is a Tale of Grief Told with Tons of Guns

The film's three bereaved leading women pay off the $2 million debt left by their career-criminal husbands while masterfully dealing with race and class along the way.
Ryan Bassil

'Bye Darla,' Today's Comic by Tara Booth

Tara pays tribute to her beloved dog in this beautiful comic.
Tara Booth

How Horror Has Evolved from Slasher to Drama

Films like ‘Hereditary,’ 'Get Out,’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ are using terror as a Trojan horse for indie drama.
Noel Ransome

These Photos Helped Me Understand My Dad's Overdose Death

Photographer Jackie Dives talks about the double exposures that helped her process the grief of losing a parent to addiction.
Jackie Dives

Rethinking My Broken Relationship with My Troubled Dad Now That He’s Dead

No matter how much I tried to be a good daughter, he will always be the man I was literally and figuratively running from.
Katie Tamola

My Search for Meaning After the Death of My Ex-Boyfriend

Though Jon and I were no longer in the same three-way relationship, we still lived together, and his loss has caused me indescribable pain.
Jeff Leavell
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

This Is What Happens After Your School Shooting

You dread telling people where you're from.
Kelly Terifay
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

How Survivors of Shootings Help Other Survivors

They understood why I didn't like balloons or felt uneasy in grocery stores or other places that didn't allow me to clearly plot an exit.
Heather Martin
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

Recovery After a School Shooting Isn't a Race, It's a Marathon

It's an ongoing process that doesn't get easier.
Zachary David Cartaya
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What It's Like to Lose a Sibling to Suicide

People who lose a brother or sister to suicide are rarely acknowledged as a group by society, but the risks to their own mental health are huge.
Angela Skujins