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All the Boring Legal Stuff You Should Know Before Opening Your Own Business

Don't let your awesome business idea go bust due to mistakes complying with regulations.
Christy Rakoczy
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Watch Jim Carrey School Americans on Canadian Healthcare

He made Bernie Sanders proud.
Manisha Krishnan

America's Flood Insurance Program Is Utterly Broken, Again

Damage from Harvey and Irma is threatening to bankrupt the federal program.
Mark Hay

My Long Road to Genital Reassignment Surgery

Portraits and an essay documenting one woman's battle for healthcare.
Sara Oliver Wight
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Twenty-Four Million Fewer Americans Will Be Insured Under GOP Healthcare Plan, Report Says

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates 14 million fewer Americans would have healthcare in 2018, compared to the status quo, and that 24 million fewer people would have it in the year 2026.
Lauren Messman

How Exactly the GOP Healthcare Plan Will Screw You Over

A healthcare expert explains why the Republicans' alternative to Obamacare is bad for middle-class and poor Americans, and even insurance companies.
Eve Peyser
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The White House Admitted Healthcare.Gov Premiums Will Spike Next Year

Healthcare premiums are going to go way, way up next year for a lot of people who rely on Obamacare.
VICE Staff
Vice Blog

How to Get Mental Healthcare When You’re Young and Broke

There are options.
Jay Stephens
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Diabolical Nut Thieves Are Making Millions Stealing Almonds

Last year, thieves robbed California nut companies to the tune of $4.6 million. Now that they've gotten a taste of that sweet nut money, they're hooked.
VICE Staff

How Gene Testing Forced Me to Reveal My Private Health Information

Uncovering the truth hiding in your DNA can lead to some major privacy conundrums.
Jody Allard
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Tired Employees Are as Bad as Drunk Ones, Study Says

The report found that 74 percent of Americans aren't getting at least the recommended seven hours of sleep every night, and the companies are suffering for it.
Helen Donahue
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Californians Can Now Get PrEP Delivered to Their Doors, No Doctor's Visit Required

An app billing itself as "Uber for birth control" plans to start delivering the HIV preventative medication, and will even send doctors out to conduct blood tests.
Helen Donahue