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Trump Has No Business Calling Anyone Anywhere 'Anti-Jewish'

A president who has presided over a resurgence of hatred and trafficked in anti-Semitism is suddenly worried about Democrats and Israel.
Matt Taylor
Mass Shootings

After Pittsburgh, American Jews Are Mournful, Afraid, and Defiant

"We shouldn’t be shocked that something like this happened.”
Eve Peyser
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A New American Civil War Feels Closer Than Ever After Pittsburgh

After the worst attack on Jews in American history, it's time to be afraid for the future.
E.J. Graff

The Peculiar Struggle of Toronto's Kosher Restaurants

Despite the city now hosting more kosher restaurants than ever, some still strain to attract Orthodox Jewish customers as Toronto competes with kosher eating hubs like New York City.
David Silverberg
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Trump Offers Remarks at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

The president is set to deliver remarks in DC for the Week of Remembrance at 11:20 AM EST.
VICE Staff
Never Forget

In the Future, the Holocaust Is Just Another Hologram

The last living Holocaust survivors are dying. Can technology keep their testimonies alive?
Emanuel Maiberg
Jewish cuisine

Sephardic Passover Food: Not Your Bubbe’s Matzo Ball Soup

Brisket and gefilte fish feature at many Ashkenazic Passover seders in the US, but the foods of Sephardi Jews are inspired by their roots in the Mediterranean.
Phylisa Wisdom

A Historian of Judaism Explains What's So Troubling About the Latest Wave of Anti-Semitism

What swastikas, cemetery vandalism, and bomb threats say about the state of American hate.
Mike Pearl
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There Have Already Been 35 Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in New York City This Year

That's a 94 percent increase from just 18 anti-Jewish incidents at the end of February last year, according to the NYPD.
Brian Moylan

How Jews Are Responding to a Wave of Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats and Vandalism

The surge of attacks have brought only weak responses from Donald Trump. Some fear it will only get worse.
Alex Kane
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Trump Declines to Mention Jews in Holocaust Day Statement

Presumably this was just an oversight.
VICE Staff

What It's Like to Be Young, Gay, and Jewish

I'm gay and I'm Jewish, but rarely do I think about the intersection between these two big parts of my identity.
Michael Segalov