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The Trump Administration Is Bringing Back Federal Executions After 16 Years

Attorney General William Barr instructed the Bureau of Prisons on Thursday to schedule executions of five death-row inmates.
Tess Owen
Death Penalty

California, the state with the largest death row population, is ending the death penalty

President Trump isn't happy about it
Tess Owen
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“I’m not a suicidal person”: Death row inmate Scott Dozier spoke to VICE News weeks before his apparent suicide

This weekend, Dozier apparently decided he was done waiting for Nevada to kill him: Prison officials found him hanging from a bed sheet.
Death Penalty

Death row inmate Scott Dozier wanted Nevada to kill him. He was just found dead of apparent suicide.

Scott Dozier spent years trying to convince the state of Nevada to let him die.
Carter Sherman
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Guy who made Tennessee's electric chair is worried it will malfunction in tonight's execution

This is only the second time the state has used that method since 1960.
Tess Owen
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The first person ever is about to be executed with fentanyl — and it’s not Scott Dozier

The title has shifted to 60-year-old Carey Dean Moore, who’s been on death row in Nebraska for nearly four decades.
Emma Ockerman
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This 78-Year-Old Nun Wants to Save Everyone on Death Row

“A person is worth more than the worst thing they have ever done,” Sister Helen Prejean says.
Elle Hardy
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South Carolina wants to start executing people with the electric chair again

Right now, South Carolina death row inmates can pick how they die: by lethal injection or the electric chair.
Taylor Dolven
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Florida inmate screams "murderers" during night of executions that didn't go as planned

Two of the three prisoners had their executions halted at the last minute.
Noah Kulwin
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Death penalty states are looking for new ways to execute people

Executions were near a 25-year low in 2017 due to a shortage of lethal injection drugs
Carter Sherman
Tess Owen

Why Did America's Execution Machine Slow Down?

A new book explores the slow demise of the ultimate punishment in a country that has a history of celebrating it.
Maurice Chammah
Fighting Words

The New Lethal Injection Drug Is an Irresponsible Choice

I know because I've used it.
Darragh O’Carroll, MD