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Death Penalty

This 78-Year-Old Nun Wants to Save Everyone on Death Row

“A person is worth more than the worst thing they have ever done,” Sister Helen Prejean says.
Elle Hardy

Why Did America's Execution Machine Slow Down?

A new book explores the slow demise of the ultimate punishment in a country that has a history of celebrating it.
Maurice Chammah
Fighting Words

The New Lethal Injection Drug Is an Irresponsible Choice

I know because I've used it.
Darragh O’Carroll, MD
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Virginia Will Execute a Mentally Ill Man Tonight

As part of a new state protocol, William Morva will be injected with a controversial chemical in a process not fully visible to witnesses.
Allie Conti
true crime

The Tragic Life and Cruel Execution of Ledell Lee

He was the first man executed by Arkansas in nearly 12 years, thanks in part to a drunk appeals lawyer, a judge and prosecutor having an affair, and an almost all-white jury.
Elizabeth Vartkessian

These Are the Seven Men Arkansas Plans to Kill Over 11 Days

Why the hurry? Expiring execution drugs.
Maurice Chammah

The Sordid Ways Death-Penalty States Obtain Execution Drugs

Executions have been hindered by an unlikely obstacle: the moral compass of the pharmaceutical industry.
Tana Ganeva

Will Ohio Try to Execute a Man Again After Making a Horrific Mess the First Time?

State Supreme Court judges say convicted rapist and murderer Romell Broom can be lethally injected after a botched 2009 procedure didn't kill him but did produce blood, tears, and screams.
Allie Conti
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Is America Closer to Getting Rid of the Death Penalty?

Most states have stopped killing criminals or haven't done so in over a decade, according to a new report.
Brian McManus
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Oklahoma Will Not Execute Another Prisoner This Year

The state will hold off on capital punishment pending an investigation into the use of lethal-injection drugs.
River Donaghey

How Do You Confuse Two Lethal Injection Drugs? We Asked a Pharmacologist

In a January execution, officials in Oklahoma used potassium acetate instead of potassium chloride...what's the difference?
Kaleigh Rogers

Despite 100 Years of Activism, the Death Penalty Still Won't Die

State-sanctioned killing has been banned in fits and starts over the course of American history, a reflection of a national character that is alternately progressive and puritan.
Mike Pearl