Grilled Carbonara Pizza Recipe

Ok, this is not your traditional carbonara by any means, but it is creamy and grilled and if you're not grilling your pizza, you should be.


This Pizza Hut/Cheez-It Hybrid Fucks

The two self-proclaimed "household legends" made a Frankenfood, and honestly? Hell yeah, we'd eat it.


Pizza Chain Apologizes for Posting Pic of Pizza Flag to Remember 9/11

Yesterday, Ledo Pizza decided it'd be a good move to post one of its pizzas topped like an American flag, caption it #NeverForget, and smash that send tweet button.


Someone Used the Domino's Pizza App to SWAT a California Home

Victims of these acts have been seriously injured and even killed by police officers who have responded to the phony emergency calls.


Two Dudes Allegedly Tried to Rob a Little Caesar's in the Dumbest Way Imaginable

If you're going to steal a pizza—and we are in no way suggesting that you do—at least show up with a plan.


Di Fara Pizza Has Been Seized by New York State for Failure to Pay Taxes

According to local reports, the iconic pizza shop was shut down Tuesday afternoon.


Bernie Sanders Sent a Bunch of Pizzas to the Coal Miners Blocking a Train in Kentucky

They're protesting about millions’ worth of unpaid wages from their former employer, Blackjewel.


The US Government Is Using Pineapple Pizza to Explain Russian Political Interference

We asked an online disinformation expert why the controversial dish is an apt metaphor for how trolls are messing with our country.


This Pizza Chain Is Selling a Box of... Just Crusts

The pizza shop behind the "gender reveal lasagna" is at it again.


Huge Explosion That Injured 20 at Florida Mall Likely Came From Pizzeria

The blast shattered windows throughout the complex, sent concrete flying more than 50 meters in the air, and damaged cars in the parking lot.


Pizza Shop Prompts Backlash By Secretly Using Fake Meat in Its 'Burger Pizza'

"HELL Pizza has taken more than 3000 customers by complete surprise with our meat-free Burger Pizza."


A Dirty Paper Plate Used by Kurt Cobain Just Sold for $22,400

After eating pizza off the plate, Cobain used it to write the setlist for a Nirvana show in 1990.