Study Says Men Who Take Psychedelics Are Less Likely to Be Violent Partners

Researchers found men who tripped were half as likely to hurt a significant other, and “emotional regulation” may play a role.
Sarah Berman
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How to Change Your Mind with Psychedelics

In his new book, health and food reporter Michael Pollan explores the science and future of psychedelics as mental health treatments.
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The Long, Strange History of Psychotropic Drugs in America

From insane asylums to Lithium and Prozac to a future that may be increasingly about mushrooms and LSD.
Seth Ferranti
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Shrooms Could Make Cancer Patients Less Terrified of Death

Psilocybin can help cancer patients cope with depression and anxiety, according to two new studies. But will President Trump fund research in what could be a revolutionary development in psychiatry?
Maia Szalavitz

We Infiltrate the Underground Shroom Trade Tonight on VICELAND

Hamilton meets a few mushroom kingpins and gets a look inside their massive underground grow room on Wednesday's episode of 'Hamilton's Pharmacopeia' on VICELAND.
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Shrooms Make Rejection More Chill, Study Says

Researchers found that the "magic" in magic mushrooms can help you feel better about getting snubbed.
Helen Donahue

I Tried to Quit Smoking with Magic Mushrooms—and It Worked

A recent study concluded that giving up smoking with the help of psilocybin has an 80 percent success rate. Conveniently, "Stoptober" and mushroom-picking season perfectly intersect, so I thought I'd give it a go.
Charlie Gilmour, Photos: Heathcote Ruthven

Magic Mushrooms Are the New Pot, According to Psilocybin Enthusiasts

We went to 9/20, the Psilocybin Mushroom Day, where conference-goers waxed poetic about the spiritual and medical value of tripping balls.
Adam Kovac

This Is What It Feels Like to Treat Depression with Magic Mushrooms

We spoke to a woman who's been trialling a psilocybin micro-dose treatment for a month, and the doctor who devised the method.
Claire Colley

It's Magic Mushroom Season in Australia

I followed an expert around in the rain as he rooted around in mulch in search of shrooms.
Max Rann

Britain's Premier 'Magic Mushroom Explorer' Says Shrooms Could Change the World

"We need something to shock the human psyche into real wakefulness where we're aware of the larger biosphere in which we're embedded, because we're fucking it up."
Michael Allen

An LSD Trip Helped Me Quit Smoking

For 18 years I was a stubbornly addicted smoker, but I didn't break out of the bad habit until I took a tab of acid with my friend and realized how badly I wanted to leave cigarettes behind.
Thijs Roes