"Not Racist But ...": Ex-Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Sent Sketchy Texts Months Before Murdering Unarmed Black Man

She was texting a friend and fellow cops, one of whom was her lover.


Neo-Nazi Accused of Plotting Bombings Wanted to Recruit Middle Schoolers, Chats Reveal

The FBI arrested Conor Climo late last week, but he'd been on law enforcement radar since April.


Watch AOC Give a Direct Message to White Supremacists: "We Will Love You Back"

"And we will always be here and hold space for you to come back," the freshman Democrat said at a vigil for the victims of two shootings this weekend.


8chan Has Been Taken Offline Again

8chan was once again taken offline Monday, hours after it managed to get itself back online.


72 Police Officers in Philly Just Got Put on Desk Duty for Writing Violent and Racist Facebook Posts

“We are equally as disgusted by many of the posts that you saw and in many cases, the rest of the nation saw."


Beto O’Rourke flat-out called Israel's Netanyahu “racist”

The U.S.-Israel relationship "must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist," O'Rourke said.


Liam Neeson Had the Sort of 'Impulse' That Literally Kills Black People

Power walking will never kill this brand of racism because it's innate.


Chicago police are treating brutal attack on “Empire” star Jussie Smollett as possible hate crime

Smollett's attackers yelled homophobic slurs and poured a chemical substance over him.


'Target Teresa' Harassed Black Shoppers and Told Them 'You Don't Belong Here'

"I know you’re trained on lying. You’re perfect for the court system because you’re trained liars."


Now People Are Getting Neo-Nazi Robocalls About Mollie Tibbetts's Death

A little-known podcast is allegedly behind the racist pre-recorded call, which uses a female voice to impersonate Tibbetts calling for genocide.


Sacha Baron Cohen Got GOP Lawmaker to Scream the N-Word to Ward Off Terrorists

Georgia state rep. Jason Spencer also pulled his pants down at one point.


Video shows NYC woman threaten ICE raid on bus passenger wearing headscarf

A woman riding a New York City bus was caught on camera during a racist rant against a fellow passenger who was wearing a headscarf.