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4 days ago

2 Guys Who Helped Giuliani Go After Biden in Ukraine Were Just Arrested

Two Soviet-born businessmen at the center of President Trump's Ukraine scandal were just taken into custody.


Rudy and the Gang: Your Guide to the Cast of Trump's Ukraine Scandal

They run the spectrum from experienced American diplomats to a Soviet-born businessman who trades in coffee and baby food.


Trump's Secret 'Promise' Might Be Connected to Ukraine. Here's What You Need to Know.

The Department of Justice and the White House are trying to stop the release of the full whistleblower complaint about Trump's calls with a foreign leader.


It’s the 9/11 Anniversary and Trump Is Tweeting About a Third Term

He just can't stop “joking” about violating the 22nd Amendment and claiming his supporters might demand that he stay in office


Trump Supporters Are Hyping a Doctored Video of Nancy Pelosi Appearing Drunk

Experts warn that this is just the beginning of "deepfake" political propaganda.


Giuliani worried his gravestone will read: “He lied for Trump”

Rudy tried to clean up his own mess — and made more mess.


Giuliani says Trump didn't collude with Russia — but he's not so sure about the campaign

“I never said there was no collusion between the campaign, or between people in the campaign.”


Giuliani said Trump didn't sign a letter of intent on Trump Tower Moscow project. Now we know he did.

​CNN released a copy of the letter bearing Trump’s signature, along with that of the intended developer


Yankees Fans Are Dicks Again

From throwing beers to taking rude selfies, Yankees fans didn't handle their blowout Wild Card victory with an ounce of sportsmanship.


Rudy Giuliani, citing zero evidence, accuses Mueller of trying to frame Trump

It's part of an ongoing campaign to discredit Mueller in the eyes of voters.


"It was a mistake": Why Giuliani is changing Trump's story on the infamous Russia meeting

Why the June 2016 meeting between Don Jr., Jared, Manafort, and the Russians keeps haunting Trump.


Beg your pardon: GOP senator advises Trump to find a new lawyer

Donald Trump’s lawyer apparently advised the president he could pardon himself. Now, a Republican is telling him to find a new lawyer.