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This Footage of New York's Flooded Subways Is Absolutely Insane

Taking the train was a nightmare this morning, thanks to a massive rainstorm.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Adam Sandler Is Back on His Bullshit

In a return to his roots, the actor descended into New York's subway to perform a new track.
Drew Schwartz
Tunnel Vision

Why Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo Hate Each Other’s Guts

Two tiny, horrifyingly powerful babies.
John Surico

Meet Instagram's Subway Surfing Daredevils

Don't try this at home.
Samantha Cole
Tunnel Vision

How Closing the L Train Could Save New York’s Mass Transit

Could a subway shutdown inspire an underground renaissance?
John Surico

Why Paying For Lyft Pre-Tax Is Bad For Public Transit

Taking a Lyft to work using pre-tax dollars may sound like a good deal, but there may be tradeoffs in terms of the public good.
Corin Faife
Mini Metro

We Asked a Transit Planner How to Up Our 'Mini Metro' Game

'Mini Metro' may look simple, but it has plenty of lessons for real-life transit puzzlers.
Robert Rath
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch The Avalanches's Animated, Boobs-Obsessed Video for "Subways"

Are those boobs? Yep. How about there? Yes, they are also boobs.
Alex Robert Ross
thump news

The Avalanches Just Released the Long-Awaited Single "Subways"

And it's really dang good.
Issy Beech
thump news

We Spoke to the Now-Grown Up 12-Year-Old The Avalanches Sampled on Their New Song

The sample is from a cult no wave/post punk EP by Chandra called 'Transportation.'
Alexander Iadarola
daily vice

We Go Underground with the Volunteers Patrolling New York's Subways on Today's 'Daily VICE'

The Guardian Angels, New York City's most famous vigilantes, are back on the streets and subways in response to a series of slashings earlier this year.
VICE Staff

New York Will Never Win Its War Against Rats

Despite a $3 million effort to control the rat population, 2016 has seen more rodent-related complaints so far in 2016 than it did in the first four months of 2015.
Harry Cheadle